The King of Pop and Pure Delight

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

The night had finally come and we were honestly all a little nervous. Much more nervous for Luke than he was for himself.

The annual student Talent Show was a night designed for the dreams and desires of all eager students to come fully alive and on display for the world to see. Well maybe not the world… but for sure the parents and student body of our small private school.

Preschool ballerinas adorned with teeny white flowers atop their head, dancing a touch off cue but perfectly on beat with their picture-taking mama’s heart. Comedy skits written by seventh grade best friends. Magic shows complete with white-face mimes and pop up flowers. Surprisingly talented, I mean really talented, guitarists, pianist, and modern dancers.

And then, arguably a bit out of character for our conservative school, there was Luke, dressed to the nine for his tribute to the King of Pop himself.


Oh yes, head to toe Michael.  Black fedora resting on locks of black curly hair, pulled back loosely with just the right amount of hair hanging over his face. A white t-shirt underneath a black sequin jacket. Black pants, slick black loafers and the signature silver sequin glove to complete the look.

We weren’t nervous because of his routine. Oh no. His moves were no match for any other Michael impersonator. The perfect shoulder pops, head nods, lip bite and of course the perfectly timed moon walk mid-performance.

His routine… on point.

I was nervous because I feared the under breath giggles from peers or any possible ridicule he might receive from friends the following Monday morning.

How would this magical moment be received by the kids he sat in class with day in and day out.

Luke, on the other hand, not phased by this, at all. 

His ten-year-old confidence truly could have taken on the most heated political debate, Oscar winning speech or like, Patrick Mahomes, led a team to victory in the next Super Bowl.

The lights went down in the auditorium and Luke took his spot center stage. When that first beat dropped I think my heart stopped for a second. My hand over my mouth the entire routine. All 2 minutes at 55 seconds.

This boy.

I swear, you could have transported me back in time. Grammys in March 1983 –  Michael’s first moonwalk to Billie Jean.  We wouldn’t have known the difference. Luke was pure magic. The dark theater and the one spotlight on his tiny frame was his portal to full creative license and self expression.


And a proud mama moment for me. The crowd adored him (winning the “WOW” award of the night). But more than the obvious thrill of the performance, reflection settled in deeply the next day. The parallels too large for me to ignore.

Delight. What we all witnessed at the 2019 talent show was true delight.

Delight as it is used in psalm 37:4 is the Hebrew work Anag. And it means to be happy. make merry. to make sport of. to take exquisite delight.

And that is what we saw. Exquisite merriment in this sport of entertainment. Dancing. Performing to bring others joy.

Unabandoned concern of what others would think or self protection.

Heart abandoned DELIGHT.

What if this was the attitude of our heart to the Lord. What would our life look like? How do we get this bone deep, soul rich happiness and exquisite DELIGHT in God?

Psalm 37 is chock full of instruction towards this delightful destination.

“Trust in the Lord.” v 3

“Do good.” v 3

“Commit your way.” v 5

“Be still.” v 7

“Wait patiently.” v 7

“Refrain from anger.” v 8

“Do no fret.” v8

Just go look and see. This Psalm offers us so much in light of this soul deep joy.

I can’t help but hear the words of my mentor say, “Go all the way with God!’

All the chips of my life on the table.

All. In. With. God.

This was Luke. All in. He left nothing out on the stage. Zero reserve.

So this morning I ask myself, “Where am I not trusting, patient, peaceful? Where do I find myself frustrated or fretting? Why might I not be fully committed to the Lord?” 

I start here and say, “LORD!!!!!!  I want to fully delight myself in YOU.  All my desires are FOUND IN YOU.” And we work towards “exquisite merriment” one prayer at a time.

Take the stage today, friends. Your audience of One is absolutely enthralled with you. He delights in the dance of your life.  “God all the way” and He will give you the desires of your heart.


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