Post 2 – Planning A Purposeful Summer

Last blog we spent time recognizing our MOM MISSION and really dreaming up a JOB DESCRIPTION for our kid’s summer!  I shared that my mom mission is to LOVE AND LIVE FOR GOD. AND TEACH MY BOYS TO DO THE SAME BY LEADING BY EXAMPLE AND MAKING AN IMPACT IN THEIR WORLD.

The main thing I want them to do this summer is live Luke 10:27 –  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your should and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. 

So Luke 10:27 has become our mission as a family this summer.  TO LOVE WELL.

Everything we are doing is rooted in Jesus words to LOVE found in his citing and extension of this Old Testament law!

So just a recap…

Planning a Purposeful Summer:

  1.  Recognize my MOM MISSION and identify their JOB DESCRIPTION.

  2. Write a family summer “mission statement” and supportive scripture.

  3. Create a morning rhythm that nurtures heart, soul, mind and strength.

  4. Make a blue print for the entire summer calendar

Today I share ways we plan to live out #2 – TO LOVE WELL in different areas of our summer activities.

#2 Mission Statement – TO LOVE WELL

If you remember nothing else, I pray you remember this…

The MOST important thing we can do for our kids this summer is to GROW CLOSER TO JESUS and FALL MORE IN LOVE WITH HIM.  And the second most important thing we can do for our kids this summer is to GROW CLOSER TO YOUR HUSBAND and FALL MORE IN LOVE WITH HIM, TOO.

Love the Lord

Late May I began asking myself this question: How am I planning to GROW closer to Jesus this summer? Am I doing a study? Reading through a book of the Bible? Starting a prayer group? Beginning a new devotional?

For me, I know that in-person Bible study is nearly impossible in the summer.  Aware of this, I began a small group study via Facebook with some amazing women from the gym.  We watch an online video every Monday (Jennie Allen, Proven) and then work through a workbook on our own throughout the week.  So good.  BUT NO GROUP STUDY CAN REPLACE MY PERSONAL ALONE TIME WITH CHRIST.  Early summer I bought myself new journal and a fresh candle and both are sitting beside me as I am typing this post, giving me fresh space to write out my prayers and sit intentionally before the Lord.

Here are some ways to “love Jesus” with greater intention this summer:

  • download a new worship playlist
  • begin a new prayer journal
  • ask a few ladies to be prayer partners with you this summer
  • begin an online Bible study
  • download YouVersion on your phone and read through a book (or more!) of the Bible
  • set your phone alarm for 5 or 10 minutes (to begin) and talk to the Lord until the timer sounds

Love Your Spouse

As you are Planning Your Purposeful Summer, pray about this… how can I intnetionally invest in my husband right now?  What are his interests?  Is there something new the two of you could do together?  Can you schedule a sitter or grandparent to come every few weeks and give you all a couple of hours for a quiet meal?  Make this a critical part of your summer planning!

Two weeks ago, Brent and I had the privilege (and unusual opportunity) of having NO KIDS and A WEEK OFF WORK.  Just the two of us!  We seriously didn’t know what to do with ourselves (for about a minute).  We enjoyed lingering quiet times on the porch and long meals late into the evening.  We looked up new recipes and tried them together on the grill.  We held hands in the care and he opened my doors.  It was unbelievable.  It was romance.  It was dating.  Loving. Cherishing.

But having kids, we realized that it was a fleeting gift that would take MUCH intentionality to maintain once the kids returned from Mimi and Pops house!

Confession: Brent and I are amazing roomies.  Seriously — The best co-habitators on the planet.  Which is great for operating a home, but horrible for intimacy.  And mere co-habitation is what raising kids will do to marriage if we all aren’t careful!  “To love and cherish” deserves more that tag-teaming bedtime and maintaining the grass.  We MUST be mindful to pursue our spouse or else we become business partners instead of husband and wife.

(Does anyone else relate!?)

Here are some ideas to “love your spouse” with fresh intention this summer:

  • read the same book together
  • begin a new Netflix series together and have nightly couch time
  • schedule date nights for the summer
  • rotate turns cooking each others favorite meals
  • begin a new exercise routine together
  • listen to a podcast and discuss it
  • flirt with each other 🙂
  • hold hands as often as possible
  • use this link to spark fresh conversations
  • create a new playlist on your phone of all your favorite songs

How fun!  I could go on and on!  Get creative!

Mmmmmm, I am excited for you! Excited for you to get excited about Jesus!  And excited for you to light a fresh spark in your marriage*. Next blog will discuss #3 of Planning a Purposeful Summer – Creating Morning Rhythms that nurture heart, soul, mind and strength for our kids!

Lord, I ask You to guide me today and reveal fresh new ways to fall more in love with You and more in love with my husband.  Thank you for Your unconditional love for me.  Let me be mindful of Your Presence with me today. Let my love for you spill all over my family. Let the peace that comes from my time with you be a consistent theme of our summer.  I love you, Lord.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

*I realize that not everyone reading this is married.  Maybe you’ve been through a divorce or are in the midst of extreme marital hardship.  If that is the case, know that the Lord is an amazing Husband and loves you. He sees you. He is with you. And He will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19). Love to you my sweet friend.

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