Look Straight Ahead… At Your Home Screen

“Let me show you what I made on my Bible App this morning.”

My neighbor lifted her phone from her side as we hustled along our summer run.  She jogged and juggled her phone until finally opening YouVersion on her home screen.

“Look at my prayer for this summer…”

And there it was.  A picture of her son and daughter tucked behind the words of King Solomon.

Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Proverbs 4:25

“It’s set as my screen saver.  Every time I pick up my phone it will be my reminder – This summer, these two are my focus.  A summer or being intentional and  investing in them.


The word “Look” (nabat in Hebrew) means show regard to, pay attention to and consider.

Living in a social media culture which subtly promotes multi-tasking, distraction and partial attentiveness, the smartest place to place a reminder is in my smart phone.  I mean, my life is in this phone.  I don’t know how I found a location or dialed people before.  I suppose I memorized phone numbers. I even have alarms set throughout the day. One reminding me to pray in the afternoon. One reminding me to call a friend later this evening. And one set at 10 PM reminding me to go to bed.

I don’t always regard the last one.

And this summer I am headstrong on “paying closer attention” to my boys — “Considering” their needs above my own.  And “showing regard” to them when they are begging me to “come look at the fort” or “see the bracelet I made” or “tour my new world on MineCraft.

Oh Minecraft. Sigh.

And since you know I am the queen of few original ideas, I asked permission of my neighbor to share this simple, but transformative idea on my blog.  (Thank you Leigh!)

You can simply make this image using the YouVersion Bible app on your iPhone or Android.

Here are my people. My new screen saver.  My prayer and my heart.


This summer, let’s fix our eyes on our home screen!  Making use of its ever-present position in our daily lives to remind us of God’s Truth and our priorities!

I encourage you to create your own image!  And if you do, post the picture on Facebook and link this post!  Share this idea with your friends.  You never know, it might catch on. And before you know it, we’ll be a conscious tribe of intentional parents blazing the trails of summer – focused on our children and our Amazing God.  

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