The Coffee-Drinking Dog, Bowzer

Saturday night we visited dear friends for games and desserts. Our evening was marked by ice cream, brownies, cards, competition and countless giggles.

Our festivities were also enjoyed by the family dog, Bowzer, and his relentless pursuit of all things sugar.

Bowzer is a four-year-old Beagle who barks like a Police-trained K9 when strangers pull into the driveway but shortly snuggles in your lap after a good sniff determines that you are not an armed robber or have come to abduct the children.

Our friends served brownie sundaes while we played a fierce game of Beat the Parents (which the parents painfully lost) and “K9 Bowzer” was on patrol — watching closely for the player paying the least attention to their plate.

When he’d see his chance, he’d prop those paws on the table and lick away, eating as much ice cream as possible before our friends would shoo him out of the room, apologizing for their dog’s behavior.

All night Bowzer was under foot.  Sniffing around our chairs and scoping the kitchen floor looking for that one drop of something …. a crumb, a fallen spoon, a dollop of Oreo ice cream.  Even when we poured coffee, he tried to sniff his way up to the table to get a lick.

Yes, Bowzer will even drink your coffee if your eye isn’t watchful.  A coffee drinking dog …. I personally think this makes Bowzer the most brilliant beagle ever.


Since we left game night on Saturday, the Lord has brought Bowzer to my mind often.  Bowzer’s pursuit was relentless.  He waited with great anticipation of a drop of just anything.  Because he knew, based on history, that his chances were good of a reward…. if he did not give up.

Bowzer is a hopeful dog.  One who waits expectantly.

The Lord is my portion or share, says my inner self, therefore will I hope in Him and wait expectantly for Him.  The Lord is good to those who wait hopefully and expectantly  for Him… Lamentation 3:23, 25 AMP

Bowzer’s behavior causes me to examine my heart and ask ….”Gosh, how different would I be if I prayed and waited before the Lord with such hope and expectancy!?”

Wait [qavah] –  to look for, hope, expect or look eagerly, to linger

I am not nearly as eager as Bowzer.  I sniff around the Lord’s feet in prayer and then when I don’t see my desires met, I sit down. Curling up and losing hope.

But what if I wait at His feet just a little longer.  A little linger, if you will.  What if we wait in expectancy and in hope – LOOKING for His goodness to fall, as it always will, instead of crouching away in despair.


What if we all were this eager before the Lord!?

But better still, God never gives us only little drops of goodness – He gives us the plate itself.  Our PORTION IS HIM.

And a full serving size, at that!

Now this is something to wait on – expectantly.

So here’s to the coffee-drinking dog.  Bowzer.  Who’s affection for chocolate has taught me more about Jesus than one dog should.

Lord, forgive me for the times I have prayed with half-hearted faith.  Let my hope be in You and your consistent goodness to me.  Let my life be marked as one who waits with great expectancy on Your Goodness to fall in due season.  Let me never grow weary in prayer – but always remaining persistent, patient, hopeful, expectant and eager.  Let me be one who lingers long at Your feet.  Thank you that you are our portion in full.  Sweeter than any honeycomb (or brownie sundae)!  I love you Lord!!!  So much! Thank you for loving me back – even more.  In Jesus SWEET Name, Amen.


I means so much to hear from you!

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