Tiny Tweaks To Be A Better Mommy

 Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! Psalm 127:3-5

Years ago, I imagined marriage would be the mirror which reflected back my greatest flaws.

Living day in and day out with another person, collaborating and cohabitating surely would draw out my self-centeredness and ugliest sin. Right?

But much to my surprise it has not been marriage that’s drawn out every stain and impurity of my soul. Although God has used it to sharpen and try me.  Being married to Brent is pretty darn awesome.  He is filled with such grace and has taught me more about Jesus that I could have ever learned without him.

So marriage isn’t my biggest, sin-unveiling culprit.

But instead, it has been motherhood.

Oh my lands.  Before parenting, I had no idea how short-tempered, snappy or selfish I could be.  I was unaware of how loud I could raise my voice, how much I covet clean rooms, that I detest others talking with mouths full of food, how much I appreciate others sitting on their bottom at meals and how frustrated I could be by every light in the house left on!!

Are you with me?  Please somebody say ‘yes’.

Now, to my defense, and to yours also, I also never knew how much I love nurturing others with homemade bread, belly-laughing over board games, or first hugs every morning.  I never understood the Father’s love for His children until I had my own nor did I know how quickly I’d sacrifice just about anything for other human beings.  Parenthood has taught me much about Jesus, yes, but mostly showcased my deepest needs for Him.

I want nothing more, IN LIFE, than to do this child-rearing thing well.  If I fail at everything in life, let me not fail at this.

And as God’s grace is so very sufficient in all of my lack, and He shines brightest in my imperfection, there are several areas of parenthood that He has laid on my heart that needs a tweak.   Some tweaks are bigger than others, but at least five areas need a conscious recalibration.  Not out of guilt but in the name of mommy-growth.

There ain’t no guilt like mommy-guilt and I refuse to allow my lack drive me into a spiral of despair.  Rather, I choose to own my need for refinement and allow God to mold me more into His design.

So over the next few posts, bear with me as I sort through a few “mommy-tweaks” and resolve to make steps to serve my children better.  Some adjustments are very basic.  Some are age-specific.  But all are Holy Spirit-led and hopefully an encouragement to you.

Before we begin, let us join together in giving thanks for our children this morning.  Psalm 127 reminds us that children are a gift from the Lord.  A reward!  And if we have one child or if we have seven, we are to rejoice that our quiver is full of them!  


In prayer, take a moment and give thanks for the countless ways “His” children enrich your life.  Every snuggle, each kiss, tween-age hugs, little giggles, silly jokes… even messy handprints or mounds of laundry.  God has gifted us with His children to care, nurture, feed, love and bring up in the “training and instruction of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4).  What a gift indeed!  And begin asking The Lord, “What areas of my own motherhood need a little tweaking?”  Journal what you hear!

So join me back as I share tiny tweaks on becoming a better mommy.

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