Mandisa says it too .. You’re An Overcomer! But How?

I was not sad to see last year go.  Two thousand and fourteen was just fine to go its merry way.  I didn’t stand with a white handkerchief, holding back tears as it rode into the sunset late December 31st.  Last year was hard.  Full of trials and constant opposition.  Sometimes I felt successful if I didn’t just drown in defeat.

Words like fear, failure, doubt and worry marked several days.

But this year is different.  It must be.  I will not, I SAID I WILL NOT, repeat all of that again. No thank you.

I couldn’t wait to get out of bed on January 1st.  My own Christmas morning.  And under my tree were 365 gifts to open.  Each box wrapped in God’s Presence.  Each day full of new possibilities, new challenges, surprises, laughter, growth.   And just like we wrap gifts for our children, God knows what each box contains.  And He can’t wait to watch me open each one.

I began asking Him in December to speak to me about the next year.  I wanted a bird’s-eye view into 2015.  I prayed He’d give me a sneak peek into what is to come —  How should I pray?  For what should I hope?  What Scripture will blanket all things 2015 and be a rock on which I stand.  What passage would be the ribbon wrapping each box?

Well God was good to give me a handful of Scripture BUT He also gave me ONE WORD.


No matter what each day holds – I am an OVERCOMER.

No matter the opposition – I am an OVERCOMER.

No matter how I feel inside – I am an OVERCOMER.

No matter what the budget projects – I am an OVERCOMER.

No matter how hard parenting can be – I am an OVERCOMER.

And want to know the very best part?  So are you.

No matter what your husband did (or didn’t do) – You are an OVERCOMER.

No matter what your boss said – You are an OVERCOMER.

No matter the doctor’s report – You are an OVERCOMER.

No matter what the scale says – You are an OVERCOMER.

But how?  How do we overcome when we are drowning in dirty laundry and behind on the bills.  How do we overcome when we don’t feel well and have no energy.  How do we overcome when the kids disobey or when out mortgage is behind?  How do we overcome when the tests say something we never thought to hear?  How does one overcome when they want to married and can’t meet a good guy?  How does one overcome on the days they don’t want to be married to the one they are with?

How?  How do we overcome?

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.  Revelation 12:11

Oh, the blood of the Lamb.  In Revelation, Satan is ultimately defeated by the Blood and the “word of their testimony.”

Every battle, every sin, every temptation, every discouragement – every thing that Satan can throw at us is overcome by our unwavering testimony of faith regarding what God has done in our lives coupled with our faith in His blood.  

When I wake in the morning, I find myself thanking Jesus for His blood.  First thing.  I ask Him to make me continually aware of what His blood has accomplished.  His blood not only covers my sin, but obliterates it.  His blood has changed my life.

In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.”  Luke 22:20

His blood what poured out for you.  YOU.  And it is yours at every moment.  His blood is a witness that you are redeemed from the power of sin.  He purchased you with His blood.  This Truth is your “word and testimony”.  You are His.  Bought with His precious blood.

So…. when marriage is hard.  And the budget looks grim.  When your best friend hurts you or the scale defeats you – remember we overcome by the blood.

Speak it out – “Lord I thank you that no matter what this life throws at me – I overcome.  The Holy Spirit lives in me!  The power of Christ lives in me.  Your precious blood redeems me from sin. You bought me back!  I am Yours and nothing will overtake me.  I declare that no matter what, I am an overcomer.”

“By the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.”

So open the gift of today in full confidence that whatever it may hold you are covered by His blood and you are an OVERCOMER.

This new year is marked with victory.  Declare it today – “Despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us!” Romans 8:37

Happy New Year!

Reflect and Share:

Has God given you a verse or a word for 2015?  I’d love to hear it!

Meditate and Proclaim:

And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus. Hebrews 10:19 NLT

Mandisa says it too…. You’re An Overcomer!

(click to listen! Fun!)


4 thoughts on “Mandisa says it too .. You’re An Overcomer! But How?

  1. Content … I will focus on The Lord and his love and plan for me and I will be content where I am in life. Not so much worry about am I keeping up with the Jones’s but am I growing in my faith with The Lord and sharing that growth with my family!

  2. My favorite part of these words were waking up on Jan. 1 to your own Christmas with 365 presents to open of God’s presence. I will pray that all feel like overcomers in this new year as we let go of 2014 and embrace God in the middle of our 2015. Blessings!

  3. Great thoughts! You inspired me to embrace each day (moment) as a gift! And oddly enough, I told myself I’d do that this year, but already FORGOT!!!! 😳 I found you through the linkup! I’m @christylouhoo if you’d like to connect!😊

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