Merry Christmas From My Home…. To Yours.

This morning I sit in the stillness of Christmas eve. With my boys still sleeping, I am sure this is the most quiet our little nest will be all day. The excitement is almost unbearable for them. The wonder of Christmas overwhelming.

And not only for my boys. But for me, too.

I look at every decoration. Each tiny light on the evergreen tree. The presents we’ve wrapped. All symbolic of our Jesus. Every bit of it.

The Christmas tree of evergreen is symbolic of everlasting life found in Christ. Each gift under that tree, symbolic of God’s gift of grace to us found in Christ. The lights strung, shining light into the darkness of this Christmas eve morning, representative of the light God shone in the darkness of our hearts the day we said “yes” and found Christ.

Even the candy. The cookies. The sweet hot cocoa… All symbolic of the richness found in Christ. For He satisfies our souls as with the richest of foods (Psalm 63:5).

Every carol we sing and every embrace we share echoes the voice of John the Baptist… our parties and wrapping paper crying out “prepare the way of the Lord!” (Mark 1:3)


Today, let us be aware.  If any day ever … let us be aware today … that we raise our chins and lift our glass to the baby who chose to be born.  Our Jesus.  Savior of the world.

I am so thankful.

For you, I pray today is soft and slow and full of wonder.  Think on Christ and find Him in every ribbon and wreath.

Love hard. Hug long. And sing loud.  

It is all for Him and He is listening!

Today let us celebrate in the purest sense.  Christ has come and we are found in Him this Christmas eve.

Merry Christmas, sweet reader.

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