Rest and John

From your side of the screen, it appears that all is normal around here at a Cup of Joe.  Maybe there have been fewer posts.  But nothing to indicate major changes.

Well, screens can be deceiving.

I will wait to go over more details in a later post, but a in a very short nutshell, the Lord has called me to a season of restfulness like never before.  After three months of struggling with chronic fatigue and other health issues, the past two weeks have been the most intentional I have ever pulled away from life as I know it and allowed the Lord to usher me into rest. His Rest. tumblr_lroyn1AoOm1r0murvo1_500

Rest {anapauō}  v. to cause or permit one to cease from any movement or labour in order to recover and collect his strength. to give rest, refresh, to give one’s self rest, take rest.  to keep quiet, of calm and patient expectation

“To cease from any movement or labour in order to recover and collect his strength.”  Wow.  Nail. On. The. Head.

So if I have seemed quiet the past three months, it is because I have been.  I promise I will share more later, but today know although the past few months have been some of the most challenging of my life, seriously, that the Lord has been faithful and I am on the right road.  Although I have not enjoyed the journey, I am thankful for it.  Hardship is a direct line into His Presence. And I want that.  Not matter the cost.

 John With Georgia

{Week Seven}

Day 31 John 13: 18-38

Day 32 John 14:1-14

Day 33 John 14:15-31

Day 34 John 15: 1-17

Day 35 John 15:18-27

P.S.  Thank you all for the gum chewing encouragement!  I am still going strong!  LOL!  I have been praying for those of you who sent me emails about your “gum chewing” habits.  Although they weren’t all with gum.  Coffee. Food. alcohol.  Mmm.  I am praying.  And so proud of you.

I means so much to hear from you!

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