Jesus & Joe {Wrapping Up Summer}

Jesus & Joe: A Coffee Devotional

An altar on earth you shall make for me and sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and your peace offerings and your sheep and oxen. In everyplace were I cause my name to be remembered I will come to you and bless you.  Exodus 20:24

It was our last walk on the beach.

The pink sun glittered down on white sand as our ten feet marked their way across the Destin beach.  Our family kicked off summer on these shores – seven summer days of castles, cannonballs and snow cones, each day a celebration of a school year complete.

Now at sunset, the boys chased tiny crabs and gathered shells along the water line.  Each shell unique with color, texture and  broken edges.


“Let’s stop here and sit a minute” my husband said, motioning our family away from the water.

We sat kumbayaed in a circle – bringing our shells to the center and admiring our finds.

“Let’s think back on our week,” Brent said. “It’s our last night here and we’ve made some special memories the past few days.  Who wants to go first?”

In unison, the boys shouted “me!”  – their voices fighting on top of one another. Listing all of their favorite memories.  Putt-putt!  Ice cream!  The swimming pool!  Our Luau!  Pizza!  The boardwalk! The boogie board! The bungee!

On and on they went.  Recalling details both big and small.  Each memory framing a family vacation well spent.

Once their list was complete, my husband chimed in. “Back in the old testament, before God’s people had built a tabernacle, the patriarchs would build altars out of worship and remembrance.  They did this to recall the Lord’s faithfulness in that particular place.  What if tonight, we gather all of the shells you have collected and make a sea shell altar.  God has been faithful in this place to us. He has brought us to this place for three years. We’ve made lots of fun memories and named many things, but without God’s provision and blessing, we would have nothing to recall.”

So away they went.  My three sons working together creating a tiny sea shell sanctuary…

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