Jesus & Joe {Thanks}

 Jesus & Joe: A Coffee Devotional

Then one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice; he fell at Jesus’ feet, giving thanks.  Luke 17:15

Today we celebrate our youngest son, Luke, who turns six-years-old.

Gosh, it would be super easy to wrap presents and eat cupcakes and laugh and sing and take pictures of all the special things we do today, and totally miss a tender moment’s reflection and thanksgiving to the One who makes birthday’s possible.

Today, my heart is that of the leper – the one leper who turned back praising God with his loud voice.

IMG_1826 Today, I thank God for a year of preschool and pumpkin patches and baking cookies and learning letters and painting with “only one color.”

Today, I thank God for bedtime giggles, a million Lukey kisses and toothless grins.

1W5A6787 copy

Today, I turn back and thank God for six candles.  Six little years that have completed the final piece to our Crenshaw puzzle.  The third of three sons I thought I’d never have.



Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy.  Oh Lord, I am so thankful. I bless Your name for this child.

Today, turn back.  Say thanks.  Be the like the one leper.

Thank you Jesus for _________________________.

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