Happy August! A Giveaway! {and announcement!}

Happy August!  The end of Summer is quickly approaching and if you are like me, the idea of Autumn refreshes your soul.  I have loved the past months with my kids, yet there is nothing like new backpacks, crisp leaves and cooler weather that makes me giddy.

And as much as I crave a Pumpkin Latte, I am craving God’s Word all the more.  Intensely so.  That being said, I am excited to announce that August will look a little different around here. Monday through Friday mornings, join me here for an August series called Jesus and Joe: a coffee devotional.  Some mornings will greet you with a full-blown blog post, other days a thought provoking passage or psalm and some mornings we may worship together with a photo image – just a prompting to praise the Lord.  I encourage you, too, to share these passages and posts with your friends as God’s Word speaks to you.

Let’s kick-off our Fall together, daily in God’s Word.

To begin our series, I’d love to give away a great book I’ve been reading through the past few weeks by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer, Recovering Redemption: A Gospel-Saturated Perspective on How To Change.


Let me tell you, this book is juicy with Truth and life-changing wisdom.  Here’s is a sample from the chapter on fear and anxiety…

“‘Light and momentary affliction’ is how the Bible describes the various adversities we endure in life – not that they are artificial or insignificant, not that God doesn’t recognize how heavily they can press down on us.  Yet they do indeed pale in comparison with the “eternal weight of glory” He is preparing for us, His heirs, as His well-loved children (2 Cor. 4:17)

“The truth is, every single thing that’s troubling your mind right this minute – whether it’s your health, your money, your car repairs, your household heating system – your son’s braces or your daughter’s boyfriend, your credit score or your reputation, your sales quota or your insurance coverage, your remaining years of school, or the remaining inches around your waist – all of it will seem silly to you 20,000 years from now.”

Told you.  Truth.  Wisdom.

Chandler and Snetzer write on what it looks like when the Gospel intersects your guilt, shame, anxiety, bitterness, forgiveness and fears.  What does it look like to struggle well?  What does it mean to be justified and adopted of God?

Whoa!  Good. God. Stuff.

So…. I’d love to give TWO copies away today to TWO readers!!  To win, first, make sure you are a Cup of Joe email subscriber (top right corner up there!), and then post this giveaway to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and leave a comment telling me so!  This will be your entry!!  How fun!

Join me back here for our first Jesus and Joe devotional on Monday!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  This is so the Lord and I am giddy!

And… I will announce our winners.  You want this book.

“None of us, really, can do what’s required to change our lives for the better, taking what’s persistently frustrating and making it perfectly satisfying.  Yet as hopeless as that may sound, it is the flat-line truth in which good news comes to life… to your life.  For just as what’s lost can be found, what’s wrong can – even now – be recovered.” – Recovering Redemption 


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