Let’s Look A Little Crazy {A Giveaway}

Blessed is the man who walks not in the way of sinners nor sits in the seat of scoffers, but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.  Psalm 1:1-2

The word “delight” isn’t part of my daily vocabulary.  I like the word “delight” yet I don’t use it regularly.

But when I think of “delighting” in something, I think of enjoying a piece of expensive chocolate or embracing the rise of a beautiful morning sun.

I delight in a well-acted performance at a local theater.  I delight in holding my husband’s hand.  I delight in a tasteful joke. I delight in a good cup of tea. Or a long talk with an old friend.

When I think of delighting in any thing, it seems light-hearted and pleasant.

But when I read Psalm 1, I confess, the word “delight” doesn’t seem like the best fit.  My attitude towards Scripture shouldn’t feel as passive as my enjoyment of tea.  I want my soul to need Jesus more than that.

So this morning I took to some research and investigated this word “delight”… because I tell you reader, I am desiring MORE out of God these days than usual.  Recently, He has buttered my bread in a way like never before and once you’ve had a taste of His goodness, you desire more of Him.

So the word “delight” didn’t match my heart’s desire for Him, but being respectful to the Psalmist, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and looked it up…

Delight [chephets] : n.  desire, longing

Now, this sounds like a more accurate fit, doesn’t it?  I don’t DESIRE or LONG for a good play or a tasteful joke.  I delight in those things…

But I LONG for God.

I DESIRE His Truth.

 I LONG for His Presence.  

I DESIRE His direction.

 I LONG to know Him intimately.

 I DESIRE to be in His perfect will.

And the Psalmist is saying that he, too, DESIRES and LONGS for the law of the Lord.

Now we’re talkin’.

But not all of us are in a place of LONGING for the Law of the Lord, I know.  Our degrees of desiring God are all different and that is ok.   But how do we increase our delightment in the Law of the Lord?  How do we stir our hearts even more for His Word?

Simple.  We read it.

I don’t know where you are on your faith journey.  But something tells me you are on one because you are reading this post.  So all of that being said, I want to add FUEL to your FLAME today.

 The #1 way to increase your LOVE for GOD’S Word is to simply… READ IT.

And “meditate on it day and night.”

Blessed is the man who walks not in the way of sinners nor sits in the seat of scoffers, but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.  Psalm 1:1-2

The word meditate is defined as “to speak with one’s self, murmuring in a low voice.”

Now, upon reading this initially, doesn’t it sound like the psalmist is encouraging us to look like a crazy person?  But really he is encouraging us to remind ourselves over and over of God’s Truth.   To instill it in our minds. To talk to ourselves about it.  To speak it with our mouths.  Under our breath.  Murmur it over and over...

What does this look like (besides a little crazy?!)?   Maybe it is simply placing notecards where you find yourself most often.  I have Scripture cards at my kitchen sink. I stick notecards on my car dashboard.  I laminate 3×5 cards and post them to the bathroom mirror.

I want to set myself up for a good murmur.

And today, I want to set you up to look a little crazy, too.  Because I want you to LONG AND DESIRE for God’s Word.  To taste it and see that He is soooo good.

I am thankful to B&H Publishers for donating TWO BRAND NEW Women’s Study Bibles to give away today.  I am talking gorgeous teal and sage, LeatherTouch HCSB Bibles by Holman Bible Publishers.  Nice.


Call me shallow, but a new Bible inspires me in a similar way as does a new pair of running shoes.  I can’t wait to get them out on the pavement and test them out.  Let these new Bibles inspire you to track some milage with God and run a fresh race with Him. How fun!!

So… HOW DO YOU WIN? Again, simple.

1.  Share this giveaway on a social media venue of your choice.  

2.  Leave me a comment and share about something you have “delighted” in recently (i.e. a good meal, a gorgeous sunset, a bike ride, etc) and tell me that you shared! (p.s. don’t forget to leave your name!)

The giveaway will run all day today and all day tomorrow!  I will announce the TWO WINNERS on Wednesday morning where I will also introduce a couple of NEW things coming to The Word of God and a Cup of Joe.

Let me pray for you before you leave….  Lord Jesus, thank you for this reader.  Thank you that you saw fit for them to visit here today.  I ask your FAVOR over them and entreat your PROTECTION over their lives, their family, their finances, and their health.  Father, give them a FRESH HUNGER for Your Word.  Give them a LONGING to be in your presence.  Let us all be a people who meditates day and night on Your Law.  In the MIGHTY Name of Jesus I pray, amen.


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34 thoughts on “Let’s Look A Little Crazy {A Giveaway}

  1. As simple as it sounds today….this morning I delight in the fact that we all got up and out the door for school with no major meltdowns. That and I had a date night with my sweet hubby this past weekend. 🙂 thank you Becky for reminding me to delight in Christ and the simple things He gives.

  2. I delighted in an amazing small group discussion yesterday, where God was definetly present (and delighting as well!). Thank you Becky for sharing your heart and I’ll share this on my Facebook page- love you!

  3. Ive been struggling with having a closer relationship with God. I used to attend on a regular basis but hve not in 4 years. Lately I have been feeling the Lord ‘tugging’ at my heart. I think this would be a great opportunity to help guide me on a path back to God. This could be that boost I so need to accomplish what new direction I need to be in.

  4. Becky, I have recently delighted in a friend’s brand new baby. A new baby always brings to mind such sweet memories, of your own children as babies, that you never remember on a regular daily basis.

    I shared on FB. – April

  5. Recently I delighted in visiting the Smoky Mountains all.by.myself. I drove around Cades Cove & had the JOY of photographing (with my new camera, which I am also delighting in!) the multitude of deer that were out – more than I have ever witnessed! It was so refreshing for me. I never tire of being in the mountains and taking in all of God’s awesomeness.

  6. I delight in my almost 3 year old aking ‘Mom will hold me just one more minute?’ Thanks for being ‘delightful’ Becky!

  7. I am right there with you on the “new Bible” thing. I always so appreciate your heart, Becky. I’ve delighted in the sweet neighbor baby that we’ve been able to add to our family for a couple weeks.
    Love to you!

  8. I have delighted recently in having my parents in town to spend time with my husband and I. It’s so nice to enjoy this beautiful weather and drive around through the mountains!
    I shared on Facebook 🙂

  9. I took great delight in FONW last week. I delight in learning more about our glorious God & His word.

    I shared on Facebook 🙂

  10. I take delight in shopping with my husband…even when we don’t buy anything! My husband is extraordinarily gifted in being a good shopping buddy 🙂 So enjoyed hearing you speak at FONW Women’s luncheon. Your words challenged and motivated me in a way that I hadn’t experienced in a while! I was still talking to my friends about you this weekend!

    I shared on Facebook!

  11. I just love reading your blog. Thanks for challenging me to be more on fire & passionate about Jesus. I am sharing your blog with some friends via email & posting on FB. I really would love to win one of the Bibles. God Bless you, your family, and your Ministry.

  12. Today I’m able to delight in God’s provision. I’ve prayed and searched for an affordable play set for my kids for 1.5 years. Either the price hasn’t been right or the used play sets have sold literally an hour before I was scheduled to go see it. Today, I received a picture of a great play set that the owner just wants gone. $100! God alone is my Provider!

  13. This weekend my husband’s grandmother has been visiting us from Florida. I have been delighting in watching my children laugh, play and snuggle with her. I have delighted in watching her cuddle and get smiles from my 2 month old. Thos is precious time, and we are making memories!

  14. Lately, I have struggled with doctrinal differences between myself and my church. After years of having no church family, God has given a sweet, imperfect family to me. I delight in our shortcomings and in God’s grace. As I am blessed to be singing on our worship team, I delight in singing praise to Our Father whose grace and love are greater than our doctrines and creeds. (I shared on FB.)

  15. I got to Delight in the celebrations of two new babies being born soon into my family. An out of state visit with family and two baby showers made for a great week.
    I shared on Facebook….

  16. Ive been finding delight in my boys….that even in the craziness of life, being exhausted due to the time change, and balancing everything as a wife and mother, they never cease to find a reason to make me smile. Ps…I shared this post on fb. 🙂

  17. I have delighted in a ton of good family time this past weekend. I have been working with my boys on how to serve with a joyful heart and I had just the teaching opportunity this past weekend. I was so thankful to put our lesson in action!

  18. I am delighted with this wonderful spring weather we’ve been having and being able to have the windows open and let the wind blow through my apartment, while sitting on my couch and listening to the birds chirp on my balcony.
    I shared on fb.

  19. I delight in spending time with my husband just time. We work crazy schedules so just sitting with him and watching our favorite show makes me happy ☺️

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