Back To The Blogsphere… a quick update

Well if I have ever fallen off of the blogspere, it has been recently.

I hope you all are still out there!  The past two weeks have been “Super Bowl” weeks, as my husband says.  Last weekend I had the GREAT BIG PRIVELEDGE of helping with our school’s annual RUN for the Classics 5K and One-mile walk.  It was SO FUN, but we were busy little bees!


Would you believe that  The Lord allowed us 451 participants?!  That is HUGE for our school!  Yay God!

And how is this for an early morning wake up call?  I have resolved that I need one of these at my  house.   Can you imagine me waking my boys in the mornings with this megaphone?  I chuckle at the thought.

“Rise and shine!”


And just days after the race, my mentor and I headed out of town for a conference, where I had another great PRIVELEDGE of speaking at the Women’s Luncheon of the Fresh Oil, New Wine 2014 Conference in Chattanooga.

1971533_1468283080066893_1326184681_nThe theme was “Springtime In Paris” and let me tell you, this church did it up right.  The ladies were served a Paris inspired meal, enjoyed Paris inspired skits, experienced Spirit-filled worship and then I shared my heart on how to {Re}discover Our Purpose, Passion and Power in Christ.

1962993_519095204873661_1080437367_nThat’s my spiritual mama, Debbie.  Love her so much. Oh my word.


All of that being said, I am so excited about what the Lord has put on my heart for all of you.  He has refreshed my love for this blog.  So buckle up, grab your Bible and pour a cup of joe.  He has a Word for us.

Stay tuned for a BIG giveaway AND news about an upcoming series beginning next week titled…

 Breaking the Body Image Blues

Until then, enjoy your weekend and enjoy your Savior.

13 thoughts on “Back To The Blogsphere… a quick update

  1. Becky, I was there at the woman’s luncheon and I thank you for coming and speaking. It really touched my heart. I’ve been struggling with being a stay at home mom or going back to work and even though I still don’t know u know God will show me the path he wants me to take. Thank you for sharing your story… I’ve been to that very dark place and I know the only way I got out of it and didn’t hurt my self is through Gods grace. So thank you!! God bless you!! – Brittany

  2. Thank you so much for coming and speaking to the women at the FONW Women’s Luncheon. I really enjoyed your teaching and I know that it touched and will help many other women to leave the darkness and to walk in the Light. Thank you for being real with us and equipping us further in the Kingdom of God.

    You mentioned about using a bull horn to help you to wake up your boys in the mornings. I have a Shofar and sometimes I will blow that into my boys rooms to help them to wake up (that’s after I have already tried to wake them up gently), but also to blow the voice of God over them and to confuse the enemy! Blessings and favor to you!

      • Thank you! 🙂 My husband got mine last year when he traveled to Israel. There is a website called The Shofar Man and he has all different types of Shofars. You will also find other Israeli product. There is even a free teaching about the Shofar that you can read. It has a lot of information for you to go over. Here is the website…
        I’m excited for you! I was really excited when my husband got home with mine. 🙂 I love to hear the sound of the Shofar! I look forward to hearing about your findings and what you decide.

  3. I was so blessed to be able to attend the luncheon at FONW and your prayers, wisdom and openness were so appreciated. I felt an amazing shift in my spirit, mind and body and am so encouraged to keep walking and continue to seek complete freedom and victory.

  4. yay becky! just catching up with your words tonight. i’m tucked away in a hotel room (blessedly alone) and getting up to speed on lots of communication. tomorrow i get the chance to speak to a bunch of adoption moms at a conference here in atlanta. it sounds like your speaking event was “the bomb” (as my teens might say). i’m so thrilled for you. i just knew you’d be a tremendous blessing to many. love your heart and so thankful God is using your gifts. xoxo

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