The World-Wide-Webs We Weave

I caught myself doing it again  this morning…

Waking with intentions of having a quiet time but instead finding myself caught in the tangled world-wide-web of Pinterest.  Yes, Pinterest – instead of starting my day with Jesus.

I wake early for Him.  I make coffee to sit with Him. I grab my Bible to read about Him.  I open my computer to blog about Him, but without warning or reason, I open a second window and start to Pin.  But nothing about Him.

Social media could be the death of quiet times as we know them if we aren’t careful.  Tweeting and pinning are fierce competitors for mental space and spiritual depth.  It takes discipline to refrain from my Pinterest tab.  It takes self-control to focus on the Word instead of pinning a brand new wardrobe.

Am I alone in this?  I am the only one admiring the winter-white sweaters paired with chocolate leggings?  Or the tall boots and the auburn scarf?  Mmm…  Or how about the FIVE FAB FREEZER meals?  Or the Simple Christmas Mantel? Or the Treadmill Workout With Intervals?  What about the … and the ….  or that … Geez.  See how easily I get wrapped up? Click here to continue reading as I have guest posted at Circles Of Faith

2 thoughts on “The World-Wide-Webs We Weave

  1. Oh, Becky… this is spot-on for me. Thanks so much for your transparency. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in our struggles. Do you mind if I share this post in my Friday favorites this Friday?

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