Mary’s Christmas… {grace words wednesday}

But Mary treasured up all these things pondering them in her heart.  Luke 2:19

Mary must have felt she’d experienced a lifetime in one week’s time.  An eighty-mile journey to Bethlehem. The first pains of motherhood during labor.  The anxieties that come with giving birth. The rejection on an inn keeper’s door step. The humble surroundings of a barn for a child’s birth.  All of the unmet expectations that came with a lowly manger.  Holding her newborn baby, a child of immaculate conception. A rush of hasty shepherds coming to meet the newborn king.

Joy. Pain. Confusion. Tears. Hope.  Laughter.  Awe.  Love like she’d never experienced before.

And although I assume these were the experiences and emotions of Mary, Scripture never records Mary as frazzled, fearful or feeble.  Her composure on this first Christmas morn was of complete peace.  Mary’s reaction as recorded in Luke’s account is that of “treasuring up all these things and pondering them in her heart.”

I have to imagine that we are all feeling the pull-and-tug of this hectic holiday season.  If our calendars were left unguarded they could be filled of activity in each open slot.  Last night I messaged my {grace words wednesday} friend, Jody and she described her life as, “too busy here.  Trying to slow down, but seems unavoidable.”  Minnesota is busy.  Tennessee is busy.  And Yes. Busyness seems unavoidable.  And to a certain extent it is.  I have learned to brace myself and embrace December as our busiest month.

Yet this morning, I look to Mary and examine her example of a calm and calculating composure.   Let us learn from the mother of our King.

I find two words that are keys to unlocking Mary’s reflective response…

Treasuring* [syntēreō] to keep within one’s self, keep in mind (a thing not forgotten)

Pondering* [symballō] to consider.  to revolve in one’s mind

Even in the messy of our busiest month I must model Mary’s treasuring* of Jesus.  To keep Him in mind.  Let Him be a thing not forgotten.  Sing of him.  Write of Him.  Dwell on Him. Read of Him.

He came to bring “Peace On Earth”, yet the season can rob us of peace quicker than any other.  Let us offset this by  pondering* all that His coming has done in my life.

I love the definition “to revolve in one’s mind.”  

Stop for a second and ask yourself, “What has revolved most in my mind this week?”

For me it has been Amazon and band concerts and buying a new dress for that party.

But to let Christ revolve in my mind… this changes everything.  Pondering Him puts Amazon in its place.


Lord,  You are the best gift of all.  And I want you to be what revolves in my thoughts.  Over and over and over again.  Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.  

This morning I hold my hands to my heart and ponder* Him, my Savior.  A tiny babe in a cradle of hay, who makes my brokenness into beautiful.  Turns my bondage into bravery.

This season. This day.  Treasure Him.  Ponder Him… This tiny babe – Emmanuel.  

Lord, thank you for Mary’s example of complete peace in the midst of chaos.  Let me be reminded today of what should be central to everything I am doing in December.  Today I resolve for YOU to revolve throughout my mind.  I ponder you.  I treasure you.  YOU are the GREATEST GIFT, Jesus.  And it is in Your Name I pray, Amen.


{grace words wednesday}


treasure* ponder*

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4 thoughts on “Mary’s Christmas… {grace words wednesday}

  1. “Even in the messy of our busiest month I must model Mary’s treasuring* of Jesus. To keep Him in mind. Let Him be a thing not forgotten. Sing of him. Write of Him. Dwell on Him. Read of Him.” i must model mary’s treasuring of Jesus – YES! i am committing those words to memory this morning. thank you for your beautiful reminder, dear becky.

  2. Sweet reminder, dear Sister. Brought me to tears this morning. I’m sharing this with my Bible study ladies 🙂 Bless you and your family.

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