Move Under The Mistletoe {more than fine}

The Myers Briggs test explains much when it comes to my behavior this time of year.

I am one who loves deep tradition, especially during Holidays, and my ESTJ personality type is known for this enthusiasm.  Who knew?

Myers Briggs explains why I must make Mamaw Arden’s dressing for Thanksgiving and prepare it in her ceramic bowl passed down from our old neighbor, Mrs. Wordel.  It explains why I only make cornbread in her cast iron skillet and wear Mamaw Mildred’s orange apron when I do.  It explains why my turkey feathers got all ruffled last night when the boys started talking of moving the tree out of its respective corner to another foreign space across the room. #moveawayfromthetree

And it explains why I could not wait for Brent to come home yesterday to hang this…


Our mistletoe ornament.  This darling hangs in the door frame leading into our dining room and I sneak under it every change to get a holiday smooch for that looker, Brent Crenshaw.

He barely had time to take off his coat before I handed him this gift from my dad and stepmom bought from the Smithsonian several years ago.  Brent reached tall and hung it in its, again, traditional spot and followed up with a much needed intentional (and traditional) kiss.

 Each year you must celebrate three festivals in my honor.  Exodus 23:14

Celebrate {chagag} to be festive, keep a feast, assemble for rejoicing and celebration.

This time of year is important for an ESTJ like me and I feel less guilty for my holiday enthusiasm when I see how reoccurring festivals were encouraged in Scripture.   The Old testament abounds in feasts and celebrations ordained by God resulting in human happiness!  Let us embrace this season in dancing, feasting, ceramic bowls, old aprons and other rich traditions.  These are behaviors encouraged by the Father to deepen our joy, build our relationships with one another and most importantly, celebrate the One who is to be honored above all.

Make it a point to celebrate big in the days and weeks to come. Have yourself a {more than fine} holiday. Hang the mistletoe toe with your mister.  Kiss a little too long in front of the kids (they squirm, but its good for them to see), express your love in marriage as a celebration and rejoice in the bride of your youth.  Make new traditions this year, look at the December calendar now and set a dinner date.  Romance, feast, rejoice and make this a holiday to remember….

Lord, thank you for encouraging us to eat, drink and enjoy your goodness in festivals and feasts.  Let us carry this spirit of celebration in to our marriage.  Let us be intentional to capitalize on this season by holding hands, share hot cocoa and embracing the deep traditions of the season.  Thank you for sending your Son for us to celebrate.  Without him we would have no reason to rejoice.  Thank you for your goodness and let us pursue a marriage that is more than fine… even under the mistletoe.

I means so much to hear from you!

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