Boldness In Marriage {More Than Fine}

Guest Post by Beth Boggs @ Strengthened By His Word


“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted.” Psalm 138:3 (NIV) 

“In the day when I called, You answered me; and You strengthened me with strength {might and inflexibility to temptation} in my inner self.” Psalm 138:3 (AMP)

“In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.” Psalm 138:3 (KJV)

What powerful verses!  Especially when framed in the context of marriage.

Though not all of the time, marriage is hard.  There are seasons of ease and seasons of trial.

I am so thankful for the day-to-day easiness of marriage.  I love the daily “doing life” with my husband.  But there are times and trials when marriage takes work and boldness.

By nature I am not a very bold person.  I do not like confrontation.  I would rather be quiet and let things “run their course” than to speak up.  But, I didn’t find this very helpful when it came to being in a marriage.

I decided that in order for my marriage to be fruitful, I needed boldness.  And this boldness would only come from the Lord.  Sure, I needed to be bold with my husband on some issues, but the biggest area I saw where I needed boldness was Spiritually.

I saw very quickly that Satan wanted to creep into my marriage.  He wanted us to argue over small things.  He wanted to sneak in through my insecurities as a wife.  He wanted me to buy more than I should at Target.  He wanted me to be impatient.  It was amazing to see the ways he chose to creep in.

I needed to not give in to these lies and temptation.  I needed boldness. Not necessarily with my husband. But boldness with the enemy.

Boldness: fearless before danger; self-assured

“batach” (baw-takh’): to trust, be confident or sure, secure. To cause to trust, make secure.

In marriage we must remember that we are made in the image of Christ.  As Christians we are not wimpy!  We are bold. Strong. Faithful. Enduring. And able with God.

When we are struggling in our marriages, we can put our faith and trust in The Lord.  Trusting Him to keep the promises He has made to us.

His word says He will…

“answer our call.”  God hears you, but still you have to ask. His answer may be the answer you want…it may not.  It may be in your timing…it may not.  Do not second guess His answer. And do what He’s telling you to do. Remember that obedience brings blessing (Deuteronomy 28:2).

His word says He will….

“give us boldness and strength.”  Strength from within.  His strength.  Not normal strength, but supernatural strength.

Ask Him for this strength today!  Ask for this {might and inflexibility to temptation}.

What areas tempt you most? Are you tempted to spend more money than your budget allows? Start a useless argument?  Talk about your husband badly to others?  Be selfish in your marriage?   

God will give you the strength to have supernatural might and the ability to be inflexible to temptation – Temptation from this world.  Temptation from Satan.

Ask Him for your marriage to look different from others.  Sometimes it’s good to be different.  It’s ok.

Maybe different looks like forgiveness… maybe patience… maybe grace (undeserved favor)…maybe putting your husband above your kids.

Let us be bold!  Love your husband well.  Be an example to those around you.  Put in the hard work.

“The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1

 I pray that you are strengthened by His word,


Lord thank you that I am created in Your image and You empower me with supernatural boldness.  Thank you that in You I am bold, strong, faithful, enduring, and able to overcome the enemy.  Let me use this boldness and strength when the enemy rises up against my marriage.  Let me be quick to pray and mindful to forgive, extend grace, exercise patience and make my husband a top priority.  Thank you for the boldness that is made available to me through the Holy Spirit living inside of me.  In Jesus Name, Amen.


One thought on “Boldness In Marriage {More Than Fine}

  1. Love this Becky! When I saw the title I thought it was going to give me wisdom on speaking boldness to my husband, but oh more importantly to speak boldness to the one who desires to ruin it all- very good word! Love you 🙂

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