We Have A Responsibility Here, People. {More Than Fine}

Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion.  Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers. Ephesians 6:18

picmonkey_imageMy grandmother lives two miles from our house, so last night we whipped in to say goodnight and give hugs as we will be gone for a couple of days.

It was a routine “check in”… She and I talked about the boys’ school and her doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and what she needed from Kroger.  But it was late and the kids were antsy, so I leaned in to give her a quick hug.

“I’ll miss ya, Mamaw.  Pray for me.  I am speaking at a conference this weekend.”

“Oh honey, I will.”

And with broken words she hugged me harder, “I pray for you everyday.”

Something about the truth of those words formed a lump in my throat. Because I know without a shadow of a doubt that she was serious.

For thirty-six years and forty-two days that precious woman has stood before the Father and prayed for me.


I began to cry in that embrace, so thankful for the woman I call “Mamaw” and unspeakably thankful for all of the intercession that has taken place on my behalf in the spiritual realm.

We have a responsibility here, people.  

We have a calling as husbands and as wives to do the same type of consistent intercession for our spouse.

Mamaw never once prayed for me out of obligation or religion — she prayed for me out of position.

Grandmothers pray for their grand babies.  Period.  It is in the contract.

When I married Brent, a calling was placed on me to pray for this man like no one else can.  I know him better than any other human being on God’s green earth.

I pray for him not out of obligation or religion — I pray for him out of position.

Wives pray for their husbands. Period. It’s in the covenant.

Intercede (v) to meditate or plead another’s case for justice or mercy

I know Brent’s hardships and insecurities.  I know his friendships and his dreams.  I know his health and his goals.  I know his strengths and I know his weaknesses.  I know him as a daddy.  I know him as a son.  And I know him as a brother.  I know what makes him smile and I know what keeps him up at night.

And knowing these things makes me responsible.  Responsible to take them with me into the throne room of God and lay them out on the floor before the One who called me as his wife.

And detail by detail, I lift up my husband.

Today, see yourself as one called.  Not only as a wife or husband.

But see yourself as one called to pray.

Over the weekend, make a list of how you (and only you) can be praying for your spouse — the things that only you may know.  Carry your list before the God who ordained your marriage.  Pray as one given position as intercessor. Cry out to the Father as one “called to pray.”

As always, share your thoughts and what is on your heart.

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6 thoughts on “We Have A Responsibility Here, People. {More Than Fine}

  1. Thank you! I was so blessed by your teaching at the Mom2mom group at First Baptist Concord & am continually blessed by this blog! These topics are areas of my life that I need extra encouragement and direction in scripture!

  2. Amen! Amen! Amen! and what a humbling blessing and privilege that it is to be the ones to be responsible to pray for our husbands.

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