from a raw and rendered heart {grace words Wednesday}

If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there.  Psalm 34:18

{Grace Words Wednesday} comes to you today… compliments of a heart residing in the Truth of Psalm 34.

God is right here in the midst of my heavy heart.

October 23rd.

Mama’s birthday.

Three days that are the most difficult in light of losing my mom?

Mother’s day.  My birthday.  And hers…  Today – October 23rd.

On the 69th celebration of her life, I rejoice and reflect on her life and legacy.  And I bow my knee to a Sovereign God who knew every hair on her head.  An Omniscient God who saw her being formed in the secret place and foresaw the day she would take her final breath.

He is as good today as He was October 23, 1944.  Today, I remember.  Today, I worship.

Today, I praise Him…from a raw and rendered place.

With a broken heart, I come before Him.  And find Him… Right here.

Is your heart broken today?  Sweet friend.  He is right there. With you.

gracewords4“I’ll rise, because you rose.  I’ll live, because you died for me.  I love, because you first loved me.  Oh Lord You are my life.” – Michael O’Brian

{grace words Wednesday}

* rendered

* praise

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5 thoughts on “from a raw and rendered heart {grace words Wednesday}

  1. Sweet Becky, thank you for this today. Your mama is so very proud of the wonderful woman you have become. I just see her smiling down on you, so blessed that you are her daughter. Thank you for your kind and loving heart. Your kindness blessed us so much yesterday. Praying for the Lord to bless you and comfort you today, and overwhelm you with His love and peace. Love you friend.

  2. Today is my mom’s birthday also. I do miss her, but I know she is so much happier in Heaven with Jesus. She died in 2001, the same year my first 2 grandchildren were born. That year was a sad year for many; but my 2 grandchildren’s births sure made it end on a happy note for me.

  3. Love you friend- just now reading this from our hectic day and I feel your pain with you. God is using even this painful event in your life to encourage others. Thank you for letting Him use you.

  4. Wow. I felt pulled to your blog since waking hours early this morning and sitting w a full but broken heart in the peaceful dark. This life is so painful sometimes but then there is the presence of our one true friend. And He is making all the difference. Thanks so much for leaning into and sharing your experience. It has opened my eyes a little wider to Gods beauty today.

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