“Mommy’s In The Bathroom” – Grace Words Wednesday

But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you and pray to your Father in private.  Matthew 6:6

Confession:  I have locked myself in the downstairs bathroom on several occasions to be alone with Jesus.  Yes, it is true. I have watched little fingers under the door, heard tiny knocks and little voices asking for my attention, when all I needed was five minutes alone with the Lord.

And I guess I am not above using the “Mommy’s in the bathroom” strategy to get it.

As a mom of three, I say “thank you” to Jesus for this verse.  What sweet clearance He gives us that it is OK to find a quiet space, for just the two of us, to be together.  Even if this quiet space is in the 8×8 space of my downstairs half bath.

Go away by yourself.  Shut the door behind you.  And pray to your Father…

Now you and I both know Jesus wasn’t speaking to our busy selves in the year 2013.  No, this tiny piece of The Sermon On The Mount is combatting the pattern of obnoxious, babbling Jews who were praying in public outside of the synagogue for show. Jesus was giving instruction to His people on what truly honored the Father… Humble. Honest.  In private prayer.  Just our hearts before Him.

But I have to take this one and run — straight to my bathroom, if you will.  Because some mornings I am desperate for a few minutes alone, no little people pulling on the tail of my bathrobe begging for a cheese stick or to watch Wild Kratts.

Just five minutes, with the door shut behind me, so I can pray to my Father.

Today, take Jesus up on His instruction.  Go away {in the bathroom if you must} and settle your heart in a quiet space.  Pray to The Lord in private… And your Father, who sees everything will reward you. Matthew 6:7

Where is your “meeting place” with the Lord?  Do you have a special place in your house where you pray?


Grace Words Wednesday

* Pray

* Private

* Quiet

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2 thoughts on ““Mommy’s In The Bathroom” – Grace Words Wednesday

  1. I love this- I was just about to have my quiet time when I hear the pit pat of little feet- guess I’ll catch ya later Lord…….

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