If Your Kids Resist Jesus …. {grace words wednesday}

I have been a very prideful mom.

As a Jesus-lovin’ mommy, I confess that I have {at times} broken a sweat manufacturing tidy little christian children.  You know the ones … well-spoken prayers,  boys who know their BIble verses and kids who can recite the family rules and all of the Scriptures that pertain.

I want my kids to love Bible songs and Bible school and Bible study.

I desire this for my boys. Yes.  And NONE of it is bad.  All of it is very good, actually.

My problem, however, is I never realized how much identity I found in my well-packagaed kids … until #3 came along.

Luke – the little boy who refuses to pray at supper.

I know this isn’t or shouldn’t be a big deal, but can I confess to you how much fear wells up in me when he buries his head in his hand and violently shakes it “NO” when we suggest he offer the blessing at dinner?!

Mommy nerves rise and my mind goes scary places.  Like straight to teenageville where he refuses youth camp and all things Jesus.  I think about his college years when he wants to buck Bible Study and instead live his college days like his mama did, hung over on Sundays and always looking for the next good party.

Yes, all of that runs through my mind sitting over a steaming plate of mac n’ cheese.

Luke does not want to pray.  He shys away and buries his head in refusal.  But just like we are encouraged to offer vegetables to our kids, the things of God are no different.

Our pediatrician, along with other reputable references, suggests a child needs at least one dozen exposures to a new food before liking it. Twelve times. At least.

As moms, we just don’t stop offering healthy foods to our children because they shake their heads.  No way!  We continue to put those token three carrots  on their plate, in hopes that one evening they will take a nibble and realize that, you know, it wasn’t so bad!  They didn’t die.  {They actually liked it.  But would never admit it.}

After breakfast, Jesus asked Son Peter Simon, son of John, “Do you love me more than these?”  “Yes Lord,” Peter replied, “You know I love you.”  “Then feed  my lambs,”  Jesus told him.  Jesus repeated the question, “Simon son of John, do you love me?”  “Yes Lord,” Peter said, “you know I love you.”  “Then feed my sheep.”  John 21:15-17

Jesus encouraged Peter to express his love by offering the Bread of Life to the people.  To hold out a drink of the Living Water to the multitudes.

“Feed my sheep,”  Jesus said.

As we all know, not everyone who listened to Peter was a taker.  But we also know that this did not stop Peter from offering. Let it be true of us as mothers.  Let us never grow weary of offering the Word to our little lambs.  Let us never let head shaking at prayer time turn us into quitters.

Let us take heed to Jesus’ instruction to Peter and feed the sheep who God has placed under our roofs.

Like Peter, we too are ministers of the Gospel.  Serving up the Bread of Life to our children.

Feed my sheep.” 

Let it never be that tidy, well-packaged kids are my aim.  Instead, let me raise boys who are risk-takers for the Gospel.  Ravenous for Jesus. Thirsty for His presence. And hungry for God’s Word.

One day, Luke will find prayer at meal time a little more tasty to his tiny palette.  But either way, I will continue to offer Jesus. Over and over. Feeding my little lamb the only thing that will satisfy.

Don’t give up, Mom.  Because I believe that one small bite at a time, our head-shakers will indeed taste and see that the Lord is good! (Psalm 34:8)


Father, thank you for these little lambs — The sheep you have entrusted me to raise.  Help us, as parents, never grow weary of offering Your life-giving Word to our children.  Let us lead by example, showing our kids that You are the only One who can truly satisfy.  In Jesus Name. Amen.

{grace words wednesday}  

* Feed *Serve * Offer * Satisfy

Do you have a story of how the Lord softened the heart of your little lamb?  We’d love to hear.  

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2 thoughts on “If Your Kids Resist Jesus …. {grace words wednesday}

  1. Hey girl! I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I will read your posts & leave them in my inbox thinking that I’ll get over here to comment, but I haven’t been successful in awhile. I’m sorry! I’m working more now, so I’m trying to keep everything afloat around here. Anyways, my sweet boy was resistant to our family Bible time when he was about four. He would say, “I don’t want family book time!” {Gasp! He didn’t even say Bible!} Two years later, he had what he called a “Jesus birthday party” where he wanted VBS-type games & crafts and gave a little altar call type of speech before everyone went home! Good words, Becky. Keep on offering!

  2. oh becky … LOVE this one. over the years, all five of our kiddos have had moments of resisting. and i have been that mother sweating before a plate of mac n cheese. peering at their stubborn faces, peering into the unsettling future. oh yes, i remind myself, i am not the holy spirit … not even close. we set the table and offer the food and ask the children to come … but JESUS is the only one to feed the sheep. we can encourage, but He holds the crook!

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