Big News For Tomorrow!

Sweet friends and readers!

The story of tomorrow actually began this summer.  Remember when Beth and I went to She Speaks?   And I thought I was sitting behind Lysa Terkuerst but I really wasn’t.  Yep.  That trip.

Well, there were 700+ women at that conference.  And while all of those women are my family in Christ Jesus… only a couple of them were my kindred.  You know the friends you meet and immediately feel it appropriate to ask to use their lip gloss.  {Or maybe that’s just me.}

Nevertheless, I met a kindred spirit.  Jody McNatt.

Sweet Jody… she oozes warmth and peace and creativity.  Her writing doesn’t read…it sings.  Her lyrical writing style wraps a warm blanket around your shoulders and pours a cup of tea.

Every post.

The Lord kept our heart-strings knit together over the past months and tomorrow we will begin a co-labored weekly devotional…


Join us tomorrow for Grace Words Wednesday.  Learn more.  Pour a cup of joe.  Or a cup of tea.

And join us here.  And there.

Love you all.

{click over and meet Jody!}

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