I Can’t Believe I Am Telling You This…

I bless the Lord who gives me counsel: in the night also my heart instructs me. I have set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:7-8

I woke on Monday morning and I knew I had to be close to a 40 day mark.

Forty days until what?

Sometimes I spring things on you, I know.  One reason is I am too chicken to tell you and the other reason is… I am too chicken to tell you.

OK…No chickens here today.

I was right.  Monday marked forty days on the DOT until She Speaks 2013.  Do you remember when I went last year?  I asked you to pray about the book and the speaking seminars.  We prayed I wouldn’t trip walking up to the podium and we prayed that the Lord would help me complete the remainder of my Chasing Skinny story.

Well, powerful and effective were your prayers, dear friends, for I didn’t fall and I met with three amazing publishers.  Two of which said thank you, but no thank you.  Sliding my proposal gently back across the table toward me.


But one publisher, however, did not slide it back.  She looked at each page and asked question after question about its content, my audience and the felt need addressed by my words.

I left that appointment, giddy and expectant.  But days turned to weeks and weeks to months and I never heard a word from the sweet woman who packed up my hopes of a book in a bag and headed back to her office.

Eight months later…yes, eight months before I heard anything.

I was beginning to think it was a no.  Maybe the company, as a whole, had taken a long hard look at my proposal and realized that I am just an amateur with a common story.  That there wouldn’t be enough in the pages of Chasing Skinny to move forward with the little what’s-her-name from Knoxville.

But one obscure Tuesday in March I received an email.  An email saying, “thank you.”  An email reassuring me that I have not been forgotten.  An email that read, “We are ready to move forward for serious consideration.”

Holy Smokes, Batman.  Really?

Confession:  I was very surprised.  I had braced myself for the no.

So, why am I just tell you this now?  That was March?!  Well, for one, I told you, I am a little chicken.  And I fear of you thinking me a boaster.  And to be honest, I am a bit in denial.  That email meant one thing … work.  Lots of work ahead.  Because upon giving them the propsal for Chasing Skinny, I had only completed two chapters of an eight or more chapter book.

I write to tell you that crickets are chirping around here because I have my nose to the screen typing and praying and editing away, asking the Lord to help me complete a manuscript he began to write on my life in 1997.  The manuscript of my journey from Skinny to Healed.

His Story.

Holy Smokes, Batman.

So before I totally lose my lunch for nerves or tuck my tail and run the other way, I am believing what I know is true of my Lord…

I am sure of this, that He who began a good work will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.  James 1:6

In His timing.  His perfect, completed timing.

One thing is certain…if I complete the manuscript it will be alright.  If HE completes the manuscript it will be anointed.  The difference between me writing it and Him writing it is alright or anointed?!  Um…I will chose the latter.

I am asking for His counsel.  Even in the night (Psalm 16).  I am asking for His wisdom, which He gives freely (James 1), and I am asking Him to show me His glory (Exodus 33:18). I am not afraid.

And can I ask you to pray, as well?  Pray that the Lord speaks clearly and gives me great insight over the next forty days.  I would love to have the manuscript completed before She Speaks.  Gasp! That is my goal.

OK…so there you have it.  I am feeling vulnerable right now!  Can’t believe I just told you all of that!  But I wanted you to know that I haven’t given up blogging or Jesus or coffee.  No.  Just focused on this not-so-little project.


I might use you all as Guinea pigs for sample chapters, too.  Would that be OK?

Thank you for your prayers.  Knowing you are on the other side of the screen drives me to write.

Love to you all.

13 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe I Am Telling You This…

  1. Becky! I know that wasn’t easy for you to share, but oh how exciting! The Lord has given you a voice to speak and words to write!

  2. Becky, I am so excited for you! You know I am praying for you and this book! Father, thank you for giving her the words as she writes this book for your glory to help women be set free! Annoint her with words that flow. Let her words be yours. In Jesus’ Name. This book is going to rock and I am excited to see how God will use it and you!! Love you!

  3. wow, I’m so excited for you. From the first blog of yours that I read, I knew you’d be a author. God has gifted you with words and I’m thankful you share them with us. Yes, I will be praying for you and I can’t wait to read it.

  4. A major accomplishment! Good luck … or, rather … God bless you continued efforts to write. It is a ministry.

    I read and responded on a couple of your posts. You have a good blog.

  5. I was JUST coming here to ask you if you were making your story into a book, because I KNOW there are many who need to read your words beyond this screen. I realize this post was back in June, but I’m praying that God would bring this book to fruition and that He would be glorified in your words. ❤

I means so much to hear from you!

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