Distracted By The Cotton Candy Cares

Come near to God and he will come near to you.  Wash your hands, sinners, and he will purify your hearts, you double-minded. James 4:8

Last Saturday we took the boys to Dollywood, which could be my Hap-py, Hap-py, Hap-piest place on the planet.  It was late in the afternoon and we were hustling across the park to the River Rampage.  We really needed to be leaving at that point but we had promised Grant that we’d ride it before we left.  So we took off as fast as our Teva’s could shuffle.  The five of us, sweaty and tired from a day’s worth of Dolly.  But halfway across the park, Ethan starts to fall behind.  His eyes deterred by blacksmiths, cotton candy and Bald Eagles on display.

“Ethan, come on buddy.  Catch up.”


Spiritually speaking, I can be little Ethan.  My brow sweaty from the theme park of life.  The Lord before me.  Determined to grow me, bless me and teach me.  But I am lagging behind, distracted by the “cotton-candy” cares of this world.

Double-minded {dipsyschos} wavering, uncertain, doubting, divided in interest between God and the world.

Are you like me? Do you ever set out with golden intentions?  Determined to grow in your faith.  Determined to meet that goal.  Determined to budget your money better, go to the gym, get back into church….but somewhere along the way your interests become divided between God and the world?

Are you relating to this or did I lose you at cotton candy?  A bit of a stretchy comparison, I know.  But little Ethan’s interst was divided along the path.  We set out together, gung-ho about the River Rampage, and 8-miles-across-the-park-later, he forgot what we’d set out to do.  The blacksmith and eagle had grabbed his attention away from our goal.  The four of us were still on task, but Ethan was lagging behind.

Come near to God and he will come near to you.  Wash your hands, sinners, and he will purify your hearts, you double-minded. James 4:8

Today, I come near to the Lord and I am inviting you to come in with me.  The Word promises us this…when we come near to Him, He WILL come near to us.  God doesn’t hold grudges, keep records of wrongs or give us the Holy cold shoulder.  Nope.  He runs with open arms towards us.  Welcoming us home.


Sometimes we wander far.  Sometimes our feet simply drag behind. Deterred by the world’s tempting displays of cotton candy.  But come near right now, wash your hands…and He will purify your heart.


“Spirit now living and dwelling within me, keep my eyes fixed ever on Jesus face. Let not the things of this world ever sway me, I’ll run ’til I finish the race. Singing, unto the Lamb who sits on the throne be Glory and Honor and Praise.  All of creation resounds with the song, worship and praise the Lord! ” – Hillsong, Live.  Lord of Lords 

This song has been my “entering into His courts” music today.  It truly captures the message of James 4:8.  I pray you will take a few minutes to listen and be blessed.  Here is the You Tube link with lyrics.  Mmm.

Leave a comment and let me know how I can be praying for you today. 


I means so much to hear from you!

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