Sweet! We have a WINNER!

A big thank you to random.org for choosing our winner from this week’s drawing!!  ASHLEY BAISLEY!  You won Gary Chapman’s book, The Four Seasons of Marriage!  Below is Ashley’s comment about the everyday “sweet moments” with her man…

So many sweet seasons and sweet moments to consider, but I have to say that in his everyday commitment to working to provide for our family, heading out as early as 5:00 am (like today) and returning home to be the best Daddy ever – it is sweet and so unbelievably reassuring. There is a great deal of security and stability that comes from being able to set up our family this way and knowing that my husband serves us every day – even when he may not feel like it. I love the everyday moments of marriage. – Ashley


I enjoyed reading ALL of your comments.  I can’t tell you in words how much I ADORE YOUR INTERACTION with me here!  And Emily’s Husband, THANK YOU, for bragging on your wife and sharing a sweet season on her behalf.  Loved that!  Click here to read over everyone’s comments again.  And like I said yesterday, live today like Heaven is a 100% maybe.

Our Facebook page began reading 2 Corinthians today.  It will take us exactly on week to finish.  Want to jump in and join us?  Come on!  Grab your coffee and click on over…


I means so much to hear from you!

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