One Verse. Once A Day.

On Thursday, I was sweeping my dining room floors and a thought came to me.

A thought which had nothing to do with my floors.

But the busy of my mind is able to settle when I sweep.

So there I was, sweeping, and the thought occurred to me, “I have not spoken one iota of God’s Word today.  Out loud.”

I had read it. I had prayed.  But as far as His Truth touching the roof of my mouth…Nothing.

I have many words in a day.  I instruct children.  I make phone calls.  I greet parents at morning drop-off.  I teach classes at the Y.  I walk with friends.  I sing in the van. I order food a Chick-fil-a. I ask my husband about his day.

I plead for Mr. Bates on Downton Abbey.

I have words. Many words.  Some useful. Some not.

But the most important, life-giving Words, on this particular Thursday, I had yet to say.

My most important words I don’t even have to speak to anyone else… Just to myself. And back to Him.

Sometimes, I may not speak the Bible because I don’t feel like I “know it”.  You know?  Like, maybe I won’t get it all verbatim.

Or maybe I feel like I should only speak God’s Word if I plan to memorize it.

So, you know me, I am constantly bent on finding new ways to refresh my heart (and yours) and breathe new life into our walks with God.  So here we go...

As I swept my floors, I thought to myself, ‘I just want to pick a verse, one a day, that I can speak.  One I can remember or write down.  I can keep it on a note card in my pocket.  Or a sticky on my car dash.  One verse. It can be brief.  But a verse that can come out of my mouth.’

When I sweep. Or when I drive. Or when I wash a pan.

One verse.  Once a day.


Do you find this to be true of you?  Are your words many and His Words few?  I invite you to join me on my ‘One Verse. Once A Day” journey.

Here are the rules…there are no rules.

Pick a verse. Or a part of a verse.  And let that be your spoken Word for the day.

Example…yesterday I was with my friend, Jackie.  And I told her about my “sweeping the floor” realization.  So she and I wrote  a verse on my chalkboard and, every now and then, we’d say it.  Here was our verse…

We have this hope as our anchor [Jesus] firm and secure.  Hebrews 6:19

Mmm.  It brought so much life to me, throughout the day, to say to Him, “Jesus, you are my anchor.  You are firm and secure.”

Say that.  Doesn’t it sound so good?  It is true.  He is your ANCHOR.

When everything around is falling apart, He is our anchor, holding us steady.  Keeping us stable.  He is our hope, not only for salvation, but for everything.

Today is Sunday, and as you may know we are reading through Romans on Facebook (I am loving it, btw!) and chapter 5 rocked my world this morning.  But verse 5 spoke to a deep place in me…

God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.  Romans 5:5

Oh y’all.  I need to remember this.  When I want to bite my kids heads off, I need to say, in that moment, “God’s love is poured into my heart through the Holy Spirit.”  His love lives in me.  GOD’S. LOVE. LIVES. IN. ME. (AND. YOU.)


That can blow your mind if you let it.

So there it is for today. My verse…Romans 5:5. I may not memorize it.  I may even butcher it a couple of times as I say it. But the important part is that I say it.  It can change me in a split second.  And, bless God,  it WILL change that split second where I want to bite my kids’ heads off.

I may not bite.

Just gnaw {wink}.

Oh Lord Jesus, thank you for Your WORD.  Forgive me for neglecting the most powerful tool I have here on this Earth, Your spoken Word given to me.  Useful in every way.  For teaching. For reproof. For encouragement. For wisdom. Light. And life.  You are so good to us, to equip us with a Sword, strong to fight and win every-single-one of life’s battles.  We are not defeated, but we are empowered by the washing of your Word.  Let me be one who speaks it with boldness to a room full of people, yet still let it break the silence of my home, even as I sweep my floors.  Let me remember the importance of letting it touch my lips.  You are so good.  I love you.  

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Leave a comment if you plan to join me on a “One Verse. Once A Day” Journey!  

one verse

What is yours for today?

4 thoughts on “One Verse. Once A Day.

  1. Very interesting! Just today while I was out running, I realized that when things are going badly, I get right in the Word, but when things improve, I tend to drop off. So, if I were God, what would I do? I’d make Ann have tons of bad things happen so that SHE STAYED IN THE WORD!!! So, wanting to avoid that line or reasoning, I thought maybe I should touch base with my Bible.

    Then, I read your post, and loved it! That will help me SO much!

    Love you! Ann 🙂

  2. Heb 13:6 KJV. So that we may Boldly say The LORD is MY helper, and I WILL NOT fear what man shall do unto me…………PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME 🙂

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