Wait. Pray. Listen. Repeat.

And when they had entered the city, they (the apostles) mounted the stairs to the upper room where they were [indefinitely] staying….All of these with their minds in full agreement devoted themselves steadfastly to prayer, [waiting together] with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.  Acts 1:13-14 AMP 

When the apostles mounted the stairs to the upper rooms they had no timeline, whatsoever, as to how long they would stay.

They were simply going in to wait.  And pray.

And wait [indefinitely] on what had been promised to them.

Confession:  When I sit down in the mornings, I have an allotted time frame for Jesus.

I have, oh, about an hour to worship, pray, praise, read, write, whatever, before I have other things to do.

Now, granted those other things are little people and chirpy birds to feed, but still….I rarely allow God the indefinite.

And rarely do I offer Him my “waiting.”

Waiting is an imposition to busy lifestyles.  I associate waiting with doctor’s offices.  Not Jesus.

But the blessing sometimes comes to me when I am disciplined enough to settle in, indefinitely, and devote myself, steadfastly, in prayer.

What does that look like for you?  Are you a good wait-er?

This weekend the Lord blessed us with a couple of days in the mountains.  Mimi and Pops made their way up with us to celebrate someone’s 60th birthday!


(Best Mimi-In-Law Ever)


And sometimes it takes removing myself from the crazy to recognize I don’t wait well.  Nor do I do “quiet” well, either. I rarely settle in long enough to receive what God can do in the wait.

The next couple of few months I will be reading through the New Testament.  Acts through Revelation.  And I am allowing space for waiting.

Short passages that will allow for longer listening.

Today begins the Book of Acts.

And these verses hit my impatient core.  Chapter 1.  Verses 13 and 14.

The apostles went upstairs, with anticipation, and were willing to wait for the promise of God.  The Holy Spirit.

Today, will you take time to sit, steadfastly in prayer, and wait on Him?

Sometimes, He has a promise to fulfill in our lives that we need to be still enough to hear!









I invite you to join me on Facebook as I guide us through a daily reading plan.  (I love the accountability you offer me to stay in the Word.  I need you!  Please join me.  And invite your friends.  Create your own accountability group!)

This morning, take a few minutes and check your “waiting” skills.  Are you good at this?

For some of us, it may just be a confession…”Lord, I am a mom.  Where do I find the time to “wait”.  Will you help me?”

And He will.

3 thoughts on “Wait. Pray. Listen. Repeat.

  1. I don’t do so well with “wait” or “quiet”. On days that I don’t work & don’t have a long list of errands, I can do it. But that’s only a couple of days a week, if that. It is always worth it to wait on Him, though!

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