A Fight For Purity

Sometimes my heart becomes overwhelmed by the perversion of our culture.  

My three boys are outgrowing trains and stepping into cleats. It is a fact. 

We are raising football players

Die. Hard. Football. Fans.

On the weekends, they beg to watch games and of course we want to let them.

But the commercials!  Lord, help us all.

Yes, we DVR  and can speed through the muck.

But one day, we won’t have such “control” over what their eyes see.

 This culture is starting to storm the doors of their hearts.

Trying to barge it’s way into innocence and impose consumerism and sexuality.  

It is a battle.  A fight for their affection.

 But as I study Psalm 119, scripture is very clear.  There is a way to keep a young man’s way pure.

And it has nothing to do with fast-forwarding a Victoria Secret commercial.

 How can a young man keep his way pure?  My guarding it according to [God’s] Word.   (Psalm 119:9)

1W5A3131Will you approach the “throne of Grace” with me this morning?

As parents, let us lock our shields of faith and storm the gates with Swords in hand.  

Praying God’s perfect Word over our babies.  A fight for purity.  

 Dear Lord, your Word is the avenue to purity.  Guard my children according to your Word.  I pray they will seek You with their whole heart.  I pray they never wander from your commands.  Keep your Word stored in their hearts that they may not sin against you.  Blessed are you, O Lord, teach them your statues.  May their lips declare the rules of your mouth.  Let them delight in your testimonies much more than the “riches” of a consumerism culture and not be put to shame in a shaming world.  Instill in them a desire to meditate on your precepts and fix their eyes on your ways.  May my children delight in your statues and never forget Your Word.  Let their souls be consumed with a longing for you at all times.  And nothing but You.  I thank you for your protection over our children. In Jesus Name. Amen.

 Derived from Psalm 119:9-16,20


6 thoughts on “A Fight For Purity

  1. Amen sister! I take the same stand with you- ‘DVR- ing’ all shows to avoid those awful commercials, especially football games.

  2. Oh my goodness can we speak to the music as well?!?! My husband and I are eclectic music listeners and we both try to keep it tuned to airone as much as possible in the car but our dial does stray at times…My husband is great to remind me that these are great teaching moments (music and tv) because we can’t shield our boys (8 and 9) forever! Oh how I miss our dvr…the only thing I miss about cable after “giving it up” a few months ago:)

    • Kelly! I am the same way. I am aware of how bad the lyrics of songs are, yes! I teach classes at the Y and my playlists are on my iPod. I can’t let the boys get a hold of it. There may not be cursing, but the messages underlying are so inappropriate. Even if they can’t understand, I do NOT want those seeds sown into the FERTILE soil of their hearts.

  3. Becky, such a good post and as a Grandmother, a good reminder we need to be praying this over our Grands as well. It only gets worse the older they get with the world dictating what is good and important, many of their friends, too. Sheep among wolves comes to mind!

  4. Thank you for this Becky! This is on our hearts and minds here as well. As believing parents we want to expose them to the world slowly as we instruct and guide, but sometimes it just comes right at us faster than we want it to! As much as we might be in control of many of the things they’re exposed to we just cannot filter it all. But the truth is that the best defense, so to speak, is offense…..keep filling their minds with the Word and live in a way that reveals the joy of living in the truth. This will give them the clarity to see that what the world offers is not worth having and Jesus is our treasure. As the mom of teenagers now, I will say that it is sad to have to expose them more honestly to things that we could shield them from as little people, but it is such a blessing to be able to discuss issues with them openly and reason together in light of God’s word.

  5. Hey Becky…this is so true. It breaks my heart and it is a battle! It is seemingly unending even as we are grown. We constantly have to guard our hearts and I pray as you do that we will guard our kid’s hearts and as they grow in the Lord they will desire to keep their own hearts pure. Love you. Thank you!

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