A Message From Frugalissa!

Good morning!  Today, I wanted to take a minute to give a blog shout out to a dear friend…I am honored to say that The Miss “Frugalissa Finds” is a sweet friend of mine.  If you have never browsed her sight, please take time to do so!  She is the queen of announcing bargains and all the freebies in town.  Love this girl.

Not only is she as frugal as the day is long, she is a Jesus lover, too.  My Sweet-Frugal-Jesus-Lovin’-Bloggin’-Buddy.

Anyway, she asked me if I would share with all of you a family tradition that she has with her children each year, The Christmas Angel.  

I personally do not own the book, but I have signed up to receive a weekly email from now until Christmas of cute servant-hearted ideas from the “Christmas Angel”.  Precious.

Frugalissa shares more below about this tradition and invites us all to read more….

Have you ever desired a fun family tradition that is centered around the true meaning of Christmas? Do you aspire to teach your children about the joy of giving to others?
This is an exciting and creative way to capture new memories during the Christmas season. You will have countless opportunities to help your child in serving others, and have an absolute blast doing it! Several examples are provided in the book on how to play a part.

This is a a great family tradition to teach your children the JOY of GIVING! The book is built off the Christmas story of how an angel came to Mary with a message. Since ANGELS ARE MESSENGERS, The Christmas Angel, will come to visit the children during the Christmas season, leave messages in her golden dust (WHICH ARE FUN!), while each message is encouraging our children to do things FOR OTHER PEOPLE! So we are using the imagination of our children, which is SO FUN at that young age, through the use of a creative tool, while INSTILLING in their little hearts that it is a greater blessing to GIVE than to receive.

Right now is a great time to start this fun Christmas tradition with your family. If you would like to order a The Christmas Angel it comes with the tin, angel, book and gold glitter for $35.00 this includes shipping and handling. Please share with your friends as this is a a great deal and will help build lasting holiday traditions in your home. If you are out of the Knoxville area I can have them shipped directly to you.

For more ideas on what messages the Angel can leave. Visit The Christmas Angel and also be sure to look on Pinterest for more ideas.
Email me at melissa@frugalissafinds.com if you want to order 1 or more.


(Thanks Frugalissa!) Have a sweet weekend. And happy “almost” December!

I means so much to hear from you!

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