It is Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo’s website, Tales From The Gypsy Mama.

I don’t do it every week.  But this morning, the Lord woke me with it.  Nudging me to take a peek at her topic.

And now I know why.  Her prompt is a word whispered in my heart.

Here’s the drill….

Lisa-Jo gives one word and we write for 5 minutes…timed.

No over thinking.  No editing.  Just five raw minutes from my tip of my tongue and the bottom of my heart.

Five minutes writing about…..


Clock set…. GO.

Remain in me and I in you and you will bear much fruit.

John 15:5

There is a sweet, deep place the Lord wants to take me.

Deeper than a fleeting quiet time can offer.  Sweeter than a quick prayer can bring.

A place where the deep riches of His presence await.

The Most Holy Place.

And the way I enter is in the “stay.”

Pray. Stay. Remain. Sit. Abide.

I rush my time with the Lord.  My ADHD version of prayer,  praise and worship. Then I get up and miss it.  His invitation.

His ushering in of my soul into a deeper, sweeter place.

My toes on the threshold of the Holy of Holies.  But my foot never stepping through.

I don’t stay long enough.

Today I sit.  Today I stay.

And wait in anticipation for Him to sweep me away .




7 thoughts on “{Stay}

  1. SO good, Becky! I often have ADHD quiet time, too. 😦 As my Daniel would say, “Not good. Not good at all.” 😉 I hope you’re feeling better today! What are we going to read next, by the way?

  2. Oh beck, that’s my favorite! Yes! I claim that one just for me, and I miss you so dearly! Love you friend and sis

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