Thank you, Miss Joy

Just a quick post to say good morning and wish you a great first Sunday in NO…vember!

Yesterday we wrapped up the entire book of Luke! Today we will begin reading through the Gospel of John.

Funny story:  I had been looking for a parallel Bible for months.  Stalking the Christian bookstores for the deal of the century.  Bibles are not cheap!

So one day I saw on eBay a parallel Bible.  On sale for twenty dollars.  Leather.  Cute color scheme.  Gently used.  One side of the page reads the NIV (New International Version) and the parallel version is The Message.  Sweet.

The story gets better.  Goodwill now has an eBay store.  Not only was I buying a great/gently used/cute/parallel Bible, I was also supporting Goodwill.

There was one little detail that I didn’t read or Goodwill failed to mention.  There wan a name inscription…


Hello Miss Rebecca Joy {smile}.

Can I just say that this blessed me.  Joy is so important to me.

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3

And my name is Rebecca.  😉

I don’t know who you are, Miss Joy is, but I love your name and I am digging your old Bible.

And…I plan to read the Gospel of John in my new/used/parallel/Goodwill Bible.

So sweet reader/friend/sister/brother will you join me?

Starting today on my Facebook page we will begin reading through the Gospel of John.  And like last month we will add a twist.

Choose a different version.  I want to hear this message in a different voice.

My ear has been tuned to ESV for years.  I think it is time to switch it up.

And…just a note, if you are new to Scripture, the book of John is a WONDERFUL place to start.

Just sayin’.

Are you in?

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