Lunch Sack Seeds 10/29/12

Praise report, praise report!  Read this comment from reader, Camille, concerning her kiddo’s Lunch Sack Seed…  I was so encouraged!

“Hey Becky! I love this idea! Thank you! I used your same verse last week, but I put it on a post-it in my 10 year olds agenda. When I went to sign his agenda the next day, it wasn’t there so I asked my son about it. He said, “I loved it mom and put it on my desk”. So now all the kids in his pod can read that verse on his desk!! I’m putting Colossians 3:23 in his agenda tomorrow. Praying his desk is covered in Scripture by the end of the year! Thank you!” – Camille

His Word reaps a harvest.  His Word does not, does not, does not return to us empty (Isaiah 55:11).

Take that one to the bank.

Even if you think you child could care less about your sticky note, even if you think your child will read over it and hide it under a napkin, even if your child can not even read (like my Luke!)….sow a seed anyway.  God will use it.

“Now all the kids in his pod can read that verse on his desk!”  See!  Who would have thunk it 😉

Here are the seeds I am sowing this morning.

  • My sweet Grant needs peace today.  He has a bit of anxiety about a math quiz.  Love him. (Colossians 3:15)
  • Luke is letter obsessed!  Lukie, “C is for Christ!  He died for you!” (Romans 5:8)
  • And Ethan, he is approaching age 7 and if you have children 7 or older, you know that the sweetness can tend to wear away.  I am praying God’s love will always fill him to overflow.  I am praying his heart bursts with the supernatural love of Jesus… for his brothers, his classmates and ultimately the lost.  (1 John 4:7)

For even though hormones, age and attitudes may change, God never does.  His love for us is constant.  And His love IN us is constant.  God is love.  Mmm.

That is one tasty piece of toast {wink}.

Like Camille, send me comments about your own Lunch Sack Seed stories!  I would love to share!

Just now tuning in?  Here’s more Lunch Sack Seed info.

5 thoughts on “Lunch Sack Seeds 10/29/12

  1. Good morning!
    Your words are such a blessing to me, and have been since way back when you were a young, single teacher!!
    I do not have any children, but God has been using this lunch sack seed series to show me a new way to love my husband. He has recently gone back to school and make his lunch every day. I am sure a love note with scripture-based encouragement would serve him well!

    Thanks for your faithfulness!

    • Sweet Tammie! How neat that the Lord has knit our hearts together for all of these years!! I love that! And I LOVE this comment! This is a SWEET way to minister to your man!

  2. This is great, Becky! I write notes every day, but I don’t include scripture very often because I don’t allow enough time. I need to make a bit more of an effort in this department!

    • Thanks Mandy! I think about Zion. Hmm. Maybe Romans 11:26 “Z is for Zion! Our Deliverer will come from Zion!” God keeps His Promises!!’

      Or maybe, “Z is for Zacchaeus! ‘Jesus loved Zacchaeus! Jesus came to seek & save the lost!! Luke 19:10!!”

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