Luke Out-Loud

When Brent and I were dating, there came a point in our relationship when he was tactfully waiting for the perfect moment to say those three words…

“I love you.”

I could hardly stand it.  I knew he did.  Or at least I thought he did.  Well, maybe he did.  But if he would just say it, for Pete’s sake.

My heart knew the truth of his love for me, but my ears needed the words spoken, out loud.

There is power in the spoken word.

There is solidification  in the spoken word.  And of God’s Holy Word, all the more.

Jesus was not one to keep His mouth shut. He spoke what he heard the Father speak (John 12:49).  The phrase “I tell you the truth…” comes from Jesus’ lips 22 times in the four Gospels.

Our Lord had something to say.

Jesus is the very Word of God.  Not the very “thought” of God.

God spoke the world into existence.  He said, “Let there be light!”  By His WORD the world came to be. (Gen 1:3)

The past few weeks I have invited you to read along with me through the Gospels.  Yesterday concluded our journey through the book of Mark.  Today begins the Gospel of Luke!

At the rate we are going, we will read through the last two Gospels (Luke and John) by November 15th!  How exciting is that?!

God has broken up our reading into bite-sized pieces.  Tiny, like we cut pizza for our kids. Very mommy friendly and time-sensitive.

It is do-able. Promise.

And here’s is the kicker for Luke.  The entire purpose of this post, actually.

God wants me to invite you to read the Gospel of Luke … OUT LOUD.  Your quiet time may be no-so-quiet for the next 15 days.

But y’all, I learn so much more when I hear the Words, not only read them to myself!

My heart knows the truth of God’s love for me, but much like Brent’s “I love you,”  our ears need the words spoken, out loud, too.

Beginning today through November 3rd.  The Gospel of Luke.  Out loud.

Our own Amplified version.

I also sense that some of you have never tried reading through a Gospel.  And that is OK!  This is the time!

There is power in the spoken word.  In God’s Spoken Word.

Will you join me on Facebook beginning today?  I post our daily reading there every morning.

I am so excited!  God has drawn me very intentionally to Scripture for this season.  Every Word.  And like a little girl, I am grabbing your hand, my friend, and bringing you along.

I expect God to do a mighty work through this process.  No doubt about it!

Leave a comment if you are joining us.  And if you would, share this with a friend!

It just might change their life.

{Thanks to Jen Dalton for this awesome pic! Love!}

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