Not a Race … Pace.

I haven’t done this in months.  But I love it.

Lisa Jo, over at Tales of a Gypsy Mama, prompts bloggers all over the country on Fridays to write for five minutes flat.  She gives one word and we write like careless kids.  Not over thinking.  Not over editing (that kills me).

Just our raw hearts on our sleeve.  Or in this case our screens.

So here we go.  Five Spirit-led minutes on the word “Race.”


The Lord is taking the Rrrrrrr rrrr!  out of my Race.

The revved up motor of my life.

The neck-break speed of a busy schedule.

He’s removing the “R” and replacing it.

He’s replacing it for a “P”.


Because pacing with God is much more effective than racing with this world.

And I have been a competitor lately.  Running fast to meet the deadlines.

Racing hard to the finish.

And no matter my speed…I kept falling behind.

The Rrrrrrrrr rrrrr! of my motor was starting to slow.

And he pulled me out.  Sat me down.  Untied my running shoes.  Shut down my engine and said…



Pacing with the Holy Spirit, even at a snail’s pace,

will take me farther that the fastest car can drive.

He will double my miles and extend my life.

If I will just slow down.

Abide in Him.

And strive only to enter into rest.

Not a race.

Just a pace.

and breathe

and abide.

And be still and know

He is God.

Lord, today, help me to pace.  Not race.

In Jesus Name.

8 thoughts on “Not a Race … Pace.

  1. Great thoughts! Since becoming ill with M.E. I’ve had to learn these lessons the hard way… It is a real challenge to run in a way that will enable a marathon, not a sprint. Thanks for this!

  2. Becky, this was JUST what I needed. I have been racing with absolutely no pacing, and “Be still and know that I am God” is my life verse. I realized I tell my kids,”Neatness counts, and it’s not a race,” but I don’t really follow that myself. Thank you so much!

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