Matthew, Luke and a 5K

Before too much time gets away from us….I wanted to extend an invitation to all of you.

I am reading through the Gospels this Fall.  I just began the other day.  I am only six chapters into Matthew.

I posted about this on our Facebook page and the response was great.  So many of you are reading along already.  THEN…yesterday a few of you were sharing your hearts and telling what the Lord is teaching you.  Mmm.  So good.

All this being said, I’d love to extend this invite to everyone.

If you aren’t reading along yet, grab your Bible and read Matthew chapters 1 – 6:15.  That will get you caught up.

Every morning I will post the daily reading on Facebook.  No more than 2 1/2 chapters a day.  I promise.  So manageable.

Can I also ask you to take a second to pray for this sweet little guy.  Luke has struggled with fever for the past few days.  I think we are on the mend, but still.  I would be tickled pink to have your prayers of healing and protection.

This is a big week around here.  Have I mentioned that I am helping out with a 5K race for our school?   So many details will be managed in the next six days.  And I’d bet my bottom dollar that the enemy is lurking nearby.  Ugh.  I bind him in Jesus Name!  Would you, too?

Last week I was on the news for about two minutes.  {I was so nervous.  Oh my.}  But just for fun, click here and take a peek at the news spot.  I share all about the race.  Oh, bless it Jesus!

OK…what else?  Matthew.  Luke.  5K ….  Hmm.  I think that’s it.

How can I pray for you? Sick ones?  Big week?  Job stuff?  Relationships?  Share with us.  I want to cover you in prayer.

I just love y’all.  (In my best East Tennessee twang.)

Photo by Ancelet Photography

I means so much to hear from you!

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