Facebook and my hairdryer…

You’d think I had fallen off the face of the earth.

Almost, but not quite.

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook wall that her “week is just nuts. Nuts. Nuts. Nuts.”

This mine as well been my own post. Nuts, I tell ya.

But it is Friday and God is good.  He was good on Thursday, too.  And Wednesday.  But I was too busy to write and tell you that I thought so.

Speaking of Friday…can we just pray?  Again?

I love these days.  Here’s what we do.  Leave a comment and tell what you would like for me/us to pray about for you.  Then take a second to pray for the person who commented above you.  Easy.  Effective.  Mmm.

But before you go.  Really quick, let me tell you…

The Lord also spoke to me the other day while I was drying my hair.  TMI?  But I was.  Head upside down with the blowdryer in  hand.  Not a very spiritual setting, but I tell you, He talks to me in the bathroom.  More TMI….sorry.

The scenario was this…

Do you ever get so much on your mind that you can not pull one single thought to the surface to focus on?  

Does your “to-do” list scream so loud that it seems impossible to make sense of anything?

Well, I was wrestling with all of that.  And it was as if the LORD elbowed His way through my crowded mind to remind me…

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  Matthew 6:33

I was a mess because my priorities were out of order.  Becky…Put Me first. And the rest will come.

Duh, I know.  But it never fails that the most elementary truths, are sometimes the most profound.

Today, is your “to-do” list noisy, too?  Will you commit to seek Him first with me?  And watch Him deal with the rest?

Share this with a friend, too…let’s all seek Him first together.

Please leave a comment… I want to pray for you.


14 thoughts on “Facebook and my hairdryer…

  1. OK…Here’s my prayer request. I am speaking tomorrow at Seymour Heights Christian church. It is their Fall Kick Off for Women’s Ministry! How fun! Will you please pray that the Lord would use this broken vessel to encourage them. Pray that He will touch hearts and change lives. Pray I won’t throw up from nervousness. Kidding. Not really. xoxo thanks.

  2. Becky, I just prayed for your time with those women that you would be used to bring excitement and refreshment to the womens ministry at SHCC!

    My prayer request is for open doors to minister to my neighbor. She’s a mom to 2 elementary age kids and is Jewish by heritage. She and I were both majorettes and competitive baton twirlers, so I have no doubt that we have a lot we could build upon. My request is for courage and an opportunity to build a friendship with her.

  3. Mmmmmm, what a great verse, it spoke right to my heart and to all the busy going on in my world. I just love how He works it all out for all of us. He knows each one of our needs to bring us to perfection with our eyes right where they should be on Him. Oh glorious day it’ll be!

  4. Sweet Becky– please know that I will be praying for you as you prepare to minister to all the lovely women at Seymour Heights Christian church! If only I could be in attendance too so I could soak up the love of the Lord that you will bring with you!!

    Julie– I’m praying for you as you prepare to approach your neighbor. I will pray for a spirit of peace and a heart of openness as you witness and minister to her for our Savior!

    As for my heart’s request: I ask for prayer for my husband and myself as we continue to learn to communicate clearly, build our individual strengths into unified goals, and grow in our reliance upon each other in this new town, with new jobs in these blessed months of our first year of marriage. My husband is an amazing provider, a hard worker, my best friend and is a Godly servant to so many, but we have been battling the emotional ups and downs of different schedules at work, (he works Mon-Fri, while I work Fri-Mon…) we have individual aspirations that we are continually trying to merge into unified goals, and we have topped off the chaos by adding our first house into the mix (we close at the end of September!!) But despite this roller coaster routine, we know that God is SO GOOD to us every day! And it is our sincere prayer (and daily struggle) to remember to seek His plans for us first and to lay down our independence to allow His guidance to shape our lives…

    Hugs and prayers,

  5. Your page always makes me smile. I do have a prayer request. I have ruptured my L4 and L5 in my back for the 2ndthe time. I will have to have yet another surgery in the next couple of weeks.

  6. Nichole, I just prayed that God would heal and restore your back completely! May God carry you through the surgery and strengthen your back so that you do not have to go through this again.

    My request is for healing for my family, which includes hubby Scott, Reuben (5), Lois (1), and me. We all have the “summer flu”. Please pray for quick healing and relief.

    Thank you!

  7. Natalie, may God heal you and your family. I just prayed for healing and a quick recovery for you all.
    My prayer is for a neighbor who has been battling cancer. They think today will be her last day. Please pray for Kelly and her family.

  8. So heavy burden this morning I have a lost sister and brother in law .. they will not listen to anything about salvation and don’t believe in Heaven or Hell. Praying to be a better Christian,wife,and mom. Soooooo encouraged by your blog definitely will be praying…You WILL be a blessing and encouragement to those women because you are to so many of us on this blog!!!!xoxo Rebekah

  9. oh becky he’s been elbowing through my thoughts too! today he reminded me to set you mind on things above and not on earthly things (col. 3:2). how easy is it to forget that!

    my prayer request is for my sweet baby girl (1 month old today) we are trying to sleep train. (do i really need to elaborate LOL! ) But please pray for my husband and i to be patience with her and each other and for everyone to get some sleep!

    bekah, lifting up you, your sister and brother in law in prayer. may you all experience and know his grace and loving kindness!

    • Meredith: I lift your precious gift from God up praying for some straight hours of sleep and strength for you and your husband to endure this trying time.
      My prayer request is concerning a career change. I am pursuing some options and I am very scared. I want so much for this to be God’s will and not my will. Thank you.

  10. My cousin’s oldest son, Jordan Mills, has brain cancer. He is the Mayo Clinic, AZ, right now. There is bleeding next to the latest tumor and he has paralysis. He has been intubated and is able to breathe on his own now, for short periods of time. He has squeezed his dad’s hand a couple of times also. But HE NEEDS A MIRACLE. He has a beautiful wife and two year old son. He served our country, as a Marine, during the war that folloiwed 911. He is a faith filled Christian man, but he needs this miracle. Please pray for Jesus to take the cancer away. But we know, even if He doesn’t, Jordan will be HOME. Either with his wife and baby, or in the arms of Jesus.

  11. Becky,
    Many prayers for you this weekend. You are such a light and will surely bring blessings and clarity to those woman you are speaking to. I also pray a lot while in the shower and drying my hair! I find that is my only alone time w/two little ones and often my only alone time for a few moments. I am praying for my husband today- that he finds strength and clarity during his recent job search. I pray employers will see all of his talent shine and want him! I pray he not get discouraged and will turn to god during this time- leaning on faith to find understanding.

  12. Caitlin – I pray for your husband’s job hunt and that employer’s eyes will be opened to see what all he has to offer. I pray that it will be clear to him what path he is to take and I pray that you will be a source of encouragement, support, and love through this time.
    Dawn – I pray for a miracle for your cousin. I pray that peace and comfort will surround your family, especially his wife and children.

    I need prayer or myself and my journey back into relationship with Jesus. I want to live a worthy life and I want to live the gospel, not just know the facts of it. I need to holy Spirit to transform my heart. I need God to remove my critical spirit and replace it with a spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. I don’t have any of those fruits/qualities right now. I need courage to get out of an unhealthy/sinful relationship. I’m a single mom, over worked, over stressed, and overwhelmed! Please pray for a transformation in me and in my life. Thank you!

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