A Quiet House = ??

It is Sunday.

About 3:45 and a bit rainy.  The boys are out with Dad and grandparents.  I have a million things I could/should be doing.  A laundry list to to-dos.

Laundry being one of them.

But I am honestly trying to rewire my brain.  Because my “Type A” gives me this equation…

A quiet house = productivity

Type A’s are you with me?

But God gives me this equation…

Remember the Sabbath day.  Exodus 20:8

Ya’ll I am being serious.  If I take time to rest it is truly a work of the Holy Spirit in me.  Nothing in my blood tells me to slow down.  I am high productivity.  To a fault.

Things get done ’round here.

All but that “rest” thing, ahem.

Remember {zakar in Hebrew} means to be mindful of the day.  To preserve.

Mmm.  Preserve.  That word speaks to me.  Preserving is a different call to action.  To preserve takes a different effort and intentionality.

So now, as I sit…knowing there is a load of wet clothes in the wash.  A pile of clothes wrinkling in the dryer.  Toys thrown here and there.  Chicken to be prepped. And a mamaw to pick up for dinner.

I choose to take this moment.   To preserve the Sabbath.

To remember

Because I need it.

I need Him.

This Sabbath, I choose to enjoy my quiet house with Him – the one who died, so I can rest.

4 thoughts on “A Quiet House = ??

  1. Oh, Becky. I totally relate. I, too, see a quiet house as a chance to run around like a madwoman trying to do 27 things at once, but today I TOOK A NAP. I couldn’t tell you the last time I did that, but it was pretty nice. It’s amazing what that short nap does for your perspective, and I bet I’ll be a nicer momma this week.

  2. Becky- so much truth in that. I love that God is the only thing in our hurried ,full lives that calls us to rest. It is such a struggle to drown out the voices of productivity and achievement and focus on the still, small invitation to simply be in his presence.

  3. I stopped by here after dropping off 2/3 at school and with a sleeping baby. I was thinking about the list of things do to and heard the Lord tell me to sit and meditate this morning. Wow. You just told me what He wanted me to know. The words “Be still and know that I Am God” have been on my heart lately. Thanks so much. I need that to stay still! ~ariana

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