Did You Just Hear That?

A few weeks back, I sat slathering sunscreen on my nine-year-old.  We had just arrived at the pool and claimed our spot.

We weren’t talking anything spiritual.  I don’t think we were talking, at all.

Just me in mom-mode, making sure every square-inch of Grant’s skin was covered.

He interrupted the silence.

“We are kind of like the moon and God is like the sun.”

Still rubbing, I smiled, “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Grant said. ”

“As Christians, we are to be like the moon — reflect the sun here on the earth. Get it? The Son? We reflect the light of the Son to the Earth. The  S-O-N.”

From the lips of infants and babes…

“Yes. I get it. That is so good, buddy. That is exactly what God calls us to do. Shine for Him. To all of the Earth.

With Grant’s back turned to me, I looked up at my husband and mouthed, “Did you just hear that?!”

With wide eyes, Brent grinned and nodded, yes.

Grant asked if I was finished with sunscreen. I patted his back and sent him on into the water.

I leaned back in my lounge chair with a heart full of wonder at the nine-year-old who just rocked my world — with profound thinking.

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

We have so much to learn from the wonder of a child.  On this Friday, let us lean in and listen.  God may have something to say to you.  Through them.

Today let’s share…

Do you have a similar story?  Maybe a time the Lord blew your mind through the lips of your babe?  

A “did you just hear that?” moment?

Leave a comment…so we can all learn and wonder together…

Picture by Jen Dalton


9 thoughts on “Did You Just Hear That?

  1. Becky, this reminds me of the children’s book by the Fluharty’s called Fool Moon Rising. Our kids LOVE that book… especially the younger ones. Have you read it?

  2. That is just precious and so, so profound.

    I had “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) written in dry erase marker on a plate in our kitchen. Catherine, our five-year-old, noticed it and asked me what it said. I read it to her, and she said, “That means not to worry because God takes care of things.” I’m sure my mouth dropped to the floor because I had not explained it to her. She just figured it out. Amazing that a baby girl who couldn’t read the words could understand them, and explain them much better than her momma could.

  3. We were in the car one day, driving to my daugher’s piano recital. She was so nervous, she didn’t even eat that day. My three year old son was also in the back seat listening to her tell us how nervous she was, and he turned to her and, “Aubrey, you’ve got the Power.” I couldn’t believe it! That was all he said. I kept saying “Wow” in my head. Three years old. That was all that needed to be said.

  4. Children are gifts from God and have much to teach us if we listen. The best thing about being a grandmother is having the time to listen. With every conversation I learn something amazing from my precious grandchildren!

  5. I started working my church’s early childhood department when i was 12 (12 years ago). One evening in my senior year of high school I had just 3 or 4 in my class during the evening service, one of which was my youth pastor’s son. He was only 4 at the time. He seemed upset and I was asking him what was wrong and he said, “I want to be with Jesus.” I told him that Jesus was always with us. He responded with, “No, I want to be with Jesus in heaven.” I didn’t have a great response for him at the time. However, 6 years later I think I’ve reached the same place that little boy had found at the beautiful age of 4. I have found myself yearning for the very real physical presence of God, and the world he’ll bring with him that removes all sin.

    I also think I have a better response if I get any other kids feeling this same way.
    “We will be with Him. Very soon. Because when we finally do get to sit and learn at his feet (or in his lap for many of these kids, and those childlike enough in heart) it will feel like it was just last week we were in our Sunday school classrooms feeling that way.

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