Prayin’ Up Our Babies

Didn’t I just take this picture? Our end-of-the-year school picnic seems only days ago.

Summer?  Are we so close to saying goodbye?

Since this picture we have beached it, parked it, picnicked it, pooled it, swam it, slid it, slept in, stayed up, picked beans, made smores, and watched Gabby win the Gold.  (Man I love that girl)

(I’ll give you one guess which little boy here keeps me on my toes.)

But it is true.  A new school year begins next week, as does a fresh chapter in our family.  Our  life is made of “School Year Seasons”.  Isn’t it true?  First Grade… Third grade…  Preschool.

Note To Self:  Must invent a time machine.  And make it stop.

The Lord has been stirring an urgency in my soul.  A pressing need to start fervently prayin’ up my babies.  Sweet them. Gosh, don’t we just love our babies??

I want to invite you to pray with me.  Grab your coffee and your knee pads.  It is time to cover our kiddos head to toe.  In prayer.

Let’s name this series, “Praying Up Our Babies” for the new school year.

Paul says, Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

What anxious thoughts come to you when thinking about the upcoming school year?  

I think about busyness.  And the rush.  I so want my boys to adjust well to their classes, to bond with a new teacher and make special little friendships.   God has a plan for my babies.  

He has a good plan for your babies, too.    

Over the next two weeks, we will spend several mornings together, ushering our babies into the Throne Room of God.  Asking on their behalf a number of requests.  

Will you join me?  

Here are a few topics that come to my mind.  Help me brainstorm here.  

Praying Up Our Babies

  • Teachers & leaders
  • protection
  • children in class
  • friendships
  • education
  • confidence
  • parent relationships
  • Homeschooler’s

This will get us going.  I’m sure we will think of more as we go.

And email this to a friend.  Invite her to pray along.  Tell your hubby.  Daddies can pray with us, too.  Share this on Facebook or Twitter.  And if you haven’t signed up to receive A Cup of Joe via email…top right corner up there.

Let’s lock arms and storm the gates on behalf of our children.

Tomorrow we will begin.  

Leave a comment and let me know if we are in this together!  I’d love to know what comes to your mind when praying up your baby.

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Be Blessed!


8 thoughts on “Prayin’ Up Our Babies

  1. I will definitely be joining you on this one, not for my own babies but for the 18 babies in my class. They are a sweet bunch and need the same sweet prayers! Thanks Becky!

  2. God is good and knows what we need!! I am trying to have my focused prayers for each kid and hitting all the little details!! Can’t wait!!

  3. I’ll be doing this with you, Becky! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog! So encouraging! (I don’t know if you remember me. . . I met you at preschool t/th a couple years ago. . . I was with Navigators international student ministry. . . before baby #3. 🙂 )

  4. I love you girl!!! I love that I feel like I am right in front of you with a cup of coffee hanging out…If we lived closer we would do just that….I pray for my babies everyday…They are 17 and 13 now…I pray that they draw near to God….I pray that God will place friends in their lives to encourage them…and today encouraged by your blog…I will pray more fervently and Intentionally for God to place Timothy’s, Paul’s and Barnabas’s in their lives…You are beautiful!!! You are a gifted speaker and writer….and encourager

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