I Just Wanted To Stop By…

I really shouldn’t be blogging today.

I should be using these five minutes to edit my work for She Speaks and polish my talks.  I should be printing or packing or praying or picking out shoes.  But I must be honest…I’ve missed this place.

I need to come here because I can wear my comfy clothes, throw my hair in a messy bun and kick off my shoes.

I appreciate your encouragement from last week’s post.  Oh my, yes. Your prayers have “rocked my face off” (as Brent says).  I have felt so very loved and cheered on.

I am almost finished with everything.  Chapter II for Chasing Skinny is officially out of my heart and onto paper (whoop whoop!)  That moment is so golden.  To see it all on a screen.  When words spin around my head it seems daunting to grasp at them and pull them together.

So I release a big sigh of relief and rejoice that chapter 2 is unleashed and now edit-able (is that a word?).

It is still a work in progress.  And the enemy is still up to no good.  Big shocker.  He is quite relentless at whispering uglies in my ear.  I just bind him and carry on.

I pray the Lord has been sweet to you this past week.  He loves you, you know {wink}.

He has been speaking words of life and encouragement into my heart recently.  This one, being one of the sweetest…

My enemies will turn back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me.  Psalm 56:9

Mmm.  Isn’t that so encouraging?  Your enemies “turn back” when you call on the name of the Lord.  They turn.  They must!  His affection for You is too big for them to stick around.  His power is too mighty for them to stand.  The enemy turns back when you call on Jesus.  

I. Love. This.

Let us call on God right now.  And listen closely…you may hear the pitter-pats of sneaky feet fleeing the other way.

Regardless of what happens today, tomorrow or any day to come…God is for us.
Regardless of our circumstances, no matter how bleak or overwhelming…God is for us.

He is your biggest fan…
God is for you.

Carry this with you today…God is for you.  In every way.
{Big hug}

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