Will You Pray For Me?

Hello dear friends.

The next two weeks birds may be chirping a bit over here.  Can I tell you why?  And ask you to pray for me 🙂  ??

This time last year, my heart was a-breakin’.  You see, I really, really, really, reeeaallly wanted to attend the She Speaks Conference in Concord, NC.  This is an equipping weekend for women who have a passion for writing and speaking.  An event  that is hosted by Proverbs 31 ministries.  But last summer, life’s circumstances did not allow me to go.

But guess what??  In two weeks from today, I’ll be there.  Gasp!  I. Am. So. Excited!

And nervous.
And humbled.
And ready.
And not ready at all.

She Speaks Graduate

Can I ask you to pray??

Let me tell you…I was not even going to post this.  The enemy had me totally convinced that no one wants to hear about it.  It is all just too silly.

But seeing as how Satan has a stout track record of lying, I will assume this is not his first truth-telling moment.

So, here it goes….my prayer requests.

Will you pray for the next two weeks?  I am preparing two talks…one is “my story” – which comically must be summed up in three minutes.  And the second is a “teaching talk”.  So pen to paper this week.  Me, Jesus and my little green journal.  And some fine tip sharpies.

AND…in the next two weeks I will be completing a book proposal (which I have never done anything like it…and there is a sharp learning curve).  Hello molly.  My every fleshy impulse is to tuck my tail between my legs and run away.  Change my mind.  And cancel the appointments I have set with two publishers.  The enemy starts at me again…who are you Becky?  No one wants to hear what you have to say.  Cancel it and give someone else those time slots.  Other people with book ideas that might make it.

Ugh.  He is a liar, I tell you.

(My proposal is on the Chasing Skinny series I did this past winter.  Do you remember that?)

And one more thing…let’s throw in a birthday party for my soon-to-be nine-year-old next weekend!  Sweet boy.  Nine years old!  So in the midst of writing, praying and freaking out every now and again, I will be baking a UT Football helmet cake!

I can do it!  Philippians 4:13!  Whoo hoo!

And over all…will you pray that I will seek the Lord.  That I will glorify Him!  That I will be full of His Spirit.  That I will be His vessel, to speak His words and have full confidence in Him.  Not myself.

So there you have it (if you can make sense of my rambling).  My next two weeks.  I would appreciate your prayers so very much.

I adore all of my readers and I am unspeakably thankful for your encouragement through this little screen.

12 thoughts on “Will You Pray For Me?

  1. Oh what a wonderful thing to pray for sweet Becky!!!! The Baisley Bunch will definitely be praying for you over these next two weeks…you have a gift for both writing and speaking and I know first hand how God uses you to do His work. So so proud of you!

  2. It's a good thing you didn't listen to the devil. Don't have any evidence of cake baking (I"m sure it's fine), but I do know you're a great speaker and writer and God will be busting his buttons as you march forth on this mission, proclaiming His word. Rockit Becky Crenshaw!

  3. Yes! Yes! Definitely praying for God's equipping and enabling…and let's throw in a little expansion of time while we're at it. 😉 SO exciting!!!! Let me know when your book hits the shelves. I'll be first in line! 🙂

  4. This is God ordained and don't you let anyone tell you otherwise! God is at work… I remember us talking a couple of weeks ago about you not being sure how God is going to use you with the transitions that are taking place, but I think we're seeing some of the answers to that right here. Praying for you…

  5. Praying for you, Becky! You are going to do great! I love that idea for a book and they will too! Let's pray for each other these next couple of weeks! Agreed? Love you!

  6. Go Becky!!!! I have toyed with going and not going to She Speaks. So, I feel your pain! I am sure God will provide you the words (speaking and on paper) to get His message out. You go girl!!

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