Shake That Tambourine and Dance

On Fridays I sometimes link up with Liso-Jo over at Tales From The Gypsy Mama.  We write for 5 minutes with no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
Today’s prompt is:  Dance.

Shake That Tambourine and Dance

I have a little dancer.
He is six.  And full of life and little inhibition.
My sweet Ethan.  My musician. 
His heart for the Lord is pure and his natural bend is to praise Him.  
Praise Him with tambourine and dance. Psalm 150:4
This is such a gift.  And as much as I love it, his brothers don’t always.
As we ride in the van, my oldest will bark, “Ethan, stop singing.”  
“No.”  I say.
“Let him sing.”
I am protective of Ethan’s heart.  For I  know it won’t be too long before the world will try and rob him the purity of his passion.  The world will shame him or make fun or try to rob his joy.
The world does this, yes?  Rob us of our song and dance?
As much as I love to listen to Ethan sing and watch his tiny feet dance, I can only imagine how the Father adores us.  His little ones.  With hearts that dance for him.  With hearts that leap with joy.
Today, don’t let anyone tell you to stop.  Shake the heck out of your tambourine.  Sing a little too loud.  Spin. And dance before your Father.
Your audience of One gives you a standing ovation.


6 thoughts on “Shake That Tambourine and Dance

  1. I have a little singer and dancer too, she loves music, she's singing as I type this. Your words are beautiful and your reminder to keep dancing for Him is well needed, thank you!

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