Play Hard In The Water

I could kill any plant.  Even a cactus is not safe with me.

I’m not the neighbor you ask to water your garden while on vacation.  Come to think of it…no one does. (smile)

But this spring, I had my heart set on a beautiful front porch.  I dreamed of draping petunias flowing over white flower boxes.  I made Pintrest boards and googled landscaping arrangements for flowerbeds.  I searched and searched for colors and set a gardening budget.

I bought spray paint and gave old pots fresh faces.

Long and hard hours brought life and color to my front porch.  I was proud of my Zebra petunias, pink begonias and marigolds.  Fresh Basil and mint.  Mmm.  My porch spoke of spring.

But between then and now,  I forgot something a little important.


Yes, I know.

Now, in my own defense…the back yard is doing just fine.  (I even have a little veggie garden – proud grin) but the front porch.  Bless it’s heart.

O LORD, the hope of Isreal, all who forsake you shall be put to shame; those who forsake you shall be written in the earth for they have forsaken the LORD, the fountain of living water. Jeremiah 17:13

Jesus spoke to a deep place on Saturday as the brown leaves of my petunias frowned from neglect.

Water them, Becky.  There is still life there.

Can’t you see yourself in these pots, Becky?  Do you see it?  Do not forsake Me.  Your leaves will surly whither.  Come to the Fountain.  Every. Single. Day.

Yes Sir.

There are seasons that our plans for spiritual growth start big.  After cold winters, aren’t we ready to start fresh? We scan bookstore shelves for new books and journals.  We sign up for studies.  We buy fresh soil and lay out our spring designs.

We spend hours digging and planting.  And God breaths life and beauty into our home.  Growth begins.  Our hearts change.  
But when the heat of summer comes, we lose gusto.  Watering our spiritual gardens becomes an every other day affair.  Maybe we get busy and forget the crucial ingredient of growth….WATER.
By 3 o’clock the sun is hot and over head.  The kids have worn us down.  The boss is on our tail.  The deadline has come.  Or that co-worker.  Oh, that co-worker
And then it is too late. Our soil is dry and our leaves droop south.
Are you feeling me on this?
The Lord – a fountain of Living Water.
“Living” as used here in Jeremiah means ALIVE
a) green 
b) flowing, fresh
c) lively, active
d) reviving
This is offered to us.  Every. Single. Day.
He is an endless wealth of Life! 

Flowing, fresh, lively, active, reviving FOUNTAINS of LIVING WATER.
It doesn’t matter how brown your heart feels.  Or how south your leaves droop.
There is still life there.  
It just needs water.

I am committed to my front porch… again.  And I invite you to hold me accountable.
Here are pictures…(gulp – swallowing pride)
I am committed to these pitiful little guys.  The Lord has a lesson for me here.  A parallel to show.
Every. Single. Day.  They will be watered.  Every. Single. Day.  They need attention.
I am committed.
In the meantime, go and enjoy your Source of true Life.  
Put your swimmies on and play hard in His streams of Living Water today.

One thought on “Play Hard In The Water

  1. I am totally with you on the killing plants thing. *sigh* I think they look pretty good! A little water and they will spring back to life in no time. Love the analogy! All we need is a little water and we too spring back to life. : )

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