If You’re Uncomfortable In Your Skin…

I heart summer.

Yes, absolutely love it.  Like, if I had a little girl I might have named her “Summer”, love it.

Even the sunshine favors this season.  It wants to be a part of the action as long as possible.

Here are five reasons I love summer so…

1.  Popsicles become a food group.
2.  Watermelon.
3.  The smell of sunscreen.
4.  Slow mornings with extra coffee.
5.  Flip flops!

But with summer comes an enormous amount of skin (hence the need for that sunscreen).
For my kiddos, swim suits and bare feet are routine attire.  And for me…bathing suits and
cover-ups.  Tank tops.  Sandals.  Sundresses. And shorts.

Lots. Of. Skin.

Summer sure does make assumptions.  The assumption that we are all OK 
with this much skin exposed.

Summer didn’t ask us…It simply assumes we are all comfortable in our own skin.

But we know better.

I can only imagine that the beach and swimming pool arouse many an insecurity in all of us.  

And it doesn’t matter what age, weight or body type.

I’ve never met the woman who walks around in a swimsuit, completely oblivious to the 
fact she is next to naked.

It’s all a bit uncomfortable.

We are so very critical of ourselves. (Aren’t we girls?)  

And as real as the reflection in the mirror may seem… As believable as the thoughts
in our head may sound….  

There is a bigger reality.  

There is One, who sees you, and all of your skin, and is absolutely enthralled.

The blushing book of Song of Solomon tells the love story of King Solomon, absolutely
taken aback by his bride, a Shulamite woman.  And his affection was not just for her inward 
beauty.  He is amazed at the beauty of her body.    

How beautiful are your feet in sandals, O noble daughter!
Your rounded thighs are like jewels, the work of a master’s 
hand. Song of Solomon 7:1

Now, if I was a betting woman, I’d say this sweet bride did not view her rounded
thighs as jewels.  But her man did.  Probably the biggest frustration of 
her body was his favorite.

Go figure  (pun intended).

This book in the Bible, though seemingly out of place, is strategically included.  
It’s love story, a picture of the intimacy available to us – not only in marriage, but 
in a relationship with God.

How beautiful and pleasant you are, O loved one, 
with all your delights!  Song of Solomon 7:6

All her delights.  Her curves – a delight to him. 

Our bodies, too, are a delight to the Lord.

God is so enthralled with us that chose us as His Temple, for goodness sakes.  
Yes, OUR bodies.  The body we complain about and ridicule.  The body we stare
at in the mirror and tear apart.  That body.  

God is taken back by your beauty, my dear.  

He wants to take up residence there.  In your beautiful heart.  

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.  
Song of Solomon 4:7

It doesn’t matter…two piece bikini, tankini or a one piece with a skirt.  You Are Beautiful.

It doesn’t matter…dark skin, tons of freckles or pale with 85 proof.  You Are Beautiful.

It doesn’t matter…pear shape, apple or a butternut squash.  You Are Beautiful.

Today, I dare you to look in the mirror and tell yourself
that You Are Beautiful – there is no flaw in you.  

You are the WORK OF THE MASTER’S HAND.  Your rounded thighs, jewels. {grin}

And men, if you’ve read this far, go tell your bride….She Is Beautiful, too.  
She is the creative work of the Master’s hand.

Lord, thank you for creating us.  Thank you that before our bodies came to shape you saw us.  Unformed.  And even then you were taken with us.  Thank you for every curve.  Every bit of 
skin…even the skin we see as “excessive”…thank you.  Forgive me for ever self hating on your 
handy work. Let us all be thankful and CONFIDENT today…for You see us as stunning.  
And as you said of all of your creation…we are good.  In Jesus Name…AMEN.

(hats off to photographer and friend Jennifer Dalton for this picture 
– jenny1129@gmail.com.  If you’re local…her work is amazing.)

2 thoughts on “If You’re Uncomfortable In Your Skin…

  1. Oh my…this is so good. I struggle with so many insecurities with this body of mine…especially in summer. Swimsuits, tank tops, shorts, sundresses…I cringe at shopping for summer clothes most of all. But I love how beautifully you wrote this – that HE is captivated by the beauty He created in us. Wow. That's a truth I've been praying He would imprint on my heart.

I means so much to hear from you!

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