Turning In My Kitchen Chair

Am I my biggest hindrance in having God’s Spirit poured out on me?

According to Proverbs 1:23, possibly so.
If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you; I will make my words known to you.
I want nothing more in my life but to have God’s Spirit poured out on me.  I mean that.
This Proverbs makes me search myself up and down, seeking any area of my life that is not completely surrendered to the Lord.  
Look a little closer…
Turn {shuwb} – to turn towards any one; repent; to turn from evil; to come back; to restore
The Lord asks us to come back to Him.  Turn away from sin and towards Him for restoration.
Reproof (towkechah} Correction by words; rebuke.

I ask myself – Becky, where is the Lord correcting you?  What rebuke do you receive from His Word?  What specific area needs restored in you?

Pour out my spirit {naba} to gush forth.

Oh need I say more??  His Word promises me that when I do this…when I turn towards Him in response to correction…His Spirit will GUSH FORTH upon my life.  

Holy Smokes!  What am I waiting on?  Can you imagine?  Don’t we want this?

Is there an area in your life that you need to turn at His reproof?  Are you in Spiritual dry patch?  Could this be why??
I know exactly where these areas are in my life.  I hardly have to think about it. 
This morning, I sit at the head of my kitchen table, turning and turning and turning in my chair.  Coming back to my Daddy.  Expecting His Spirit to GUSH FORTH on this day.  On my life.  On my home. On my family.  
I throw my head back and open my mouth wide! Oh, let it rain!  Open the floodgates today, Lord Jesus.
Friend, will you walk with me this morning?…
…. Let us search our hearts.  And surrender our lives.

Be filled with His Spirit today.

One thought on “Turning In My Kitchen Chair

  1. Becky, Thank you for your honest, heartfelt exhortations from the Word. I needed to hear this today. Oh, how many times I grieve the Spirit as I go my own way and do my own thing…. But the Lord is long-suffering toward me as He works in my life. I pray that the Lord continues to bless your ministry here on your blog.

I means so much to hear from you!

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