Dollywood’s Got Nothin’ On You

Two mornings ago, the sun shone brightly through my bamboo, Roman shade. 
 My eyes opened and immediately I heard Him speak.
“This summer, be filled.”
His voice, quiet and clear.
“Be filled.”
He is faithful to answer my questions.  The past weeks, I had been asking…
Lord, what is Your purpose for this summer?  
Give me a word.  Give me a Scripture to claim.  
What do you want me to teach my boys?  Let’s get creative.

And intentional.
“Be filled,” He said.
Each summer I have focused on something.  Summertime Sanity, remember?! And then last year we planned a Summer of Significance.  We’ve read books and made crafts and kept calendars. 
And it was great!
But this Summer, the Lord is having me keep it simple.
“Be filled.”
Parent, you don’t need a new book or catchy moto this summer.  
The Holy Spirit lives inside you.  
You are in dwelt with the power that called light into existence.
Do you know this about yourself?  
If you haven’t thought about this earth-shattering truth in a while sip your coffee and smile…
The Spirit of the Creator God lives in you and empowers your life.
This summer, be filled.
What does that mean to you?  What does that mean for your summer?  For your children?
How could this summer look different if we walk fully in the creativity of His Spirit?
Dollywood ain’t got nothin’ on you, honey.  This summer may just be the ride of your life.
As I have researched the word “filled” and prayed about my boys, I have asked the Lord what He wants me to do for the next 76 summer days.  Again, He answered.  Giving me one thing I thought I’d share.
It is simple.  But has been a blessing.
My two older boys (ages almost 9 & 6) have a new morning routine.
Each day, first thing when they come downstairs, they look at the chalkboard.
On it will be a passage reference.  Theirs to look up.  
I bought them each a new journal (spiral Mead notebook) and gave them pens and markers.
Quietly, they grab their Bible and start to flippin’.
I ask them to write out the verse. And next write down a few observations.
Ethan is younger, so sometimes he draws a picture or simply decorates the verse with fun color letters.  Then we will talk about it.
Either way, they are handling the Word of God.  First thing every morning.
They are old enough to begin embracing their own quiet times.
Yesterday, this verse graced our chalkboard.
And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit. Acts 13:52

After Ethan wrote this down he said, “That’s it?”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  I said, 
“Yes, that’s it.  But what are two things we know about Jesus’ disciples from this simple phrase.”

“Umm.  They were happy?”

“Yes, full of joy. What else?”

“And they had the Holy Spirit?”

“Yep.  The Bible says they were full of that, too.  Filled with His Spirit.  Do you think that we are full of joy when we are filled full of God?….”

And on we went….having a casual conversation about a life-changing Biblical truth.

I told you, simple.

But intentional.

Today, I pray the Lord would speak to you about your summer. 
Or maybe He has already!
 I hope you’ll share.

Share a word.  Or His vision.  
For your children and the next 76 days.  

Thanks for letting me share mine {smile}.

5 thoughts on “Dollywood’s Got Nothin’ On You

  1. Hmm. Great question. I am a music FANATIC. Have you ever listened to the "Seeds Family Worship" series? There is "Seeds of Faith"…"Seeds of Courage"…"Seeds of Character" etc. They are SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOO amazing. All Scripture. Everyword. But groovy, cool, funky, fun. My kiddos love it! I do too. I would suggest having "worship time" every morning! They think they are dancing and learning cute song, but you are really sowing God's Word into their little hearts. Just a thought!! 😉

  2. This really is a simple way to teach them how to have their own quiet time. My thing for the summer is to be still and find rest for my soul. I hadn't thought about the kids' summer really, or possibly incorporating that into the kids' summer. But I think it's a great idea!

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