A Canvas Called Summer

Good Five Minute Friday to you!  I’ve been linking up with The Gypsy Mama some Friday mornings to write for five minutes flat.  No back tracking.  No over thinking.  Just thoughts.  Ahh, fresh wind in a writer’s sail.

This morning we write on Opportunity.

Five minutes set.  Go…

A Canvas Called Summer

A white canvas is set before me.
A blank canvas called Summer.

A quiet canvas full of opportunity.

Two-and-a-half eager months ready to be painted with colors of fun.  Adorned in a mother’s love.

But this mommy is just a creative-wannabe ready to plan a memorable summer for her three eager and highly anticipating little boys.

Left to myself, we will be left to repetition and a little boredom. 
I need an intervention with this opportune canvas.  
An artist.  Who is creative.  Innovative.  An full of brilliant color.
I need the Creator.  The Opportunity Maker to take His brush and paint me a picture.  A rough draft full of vision and idea.  A canvas painted with pool and park and play and prayer.
Opportunity is rich in summer.  

Full of discipleship.  Training.  Directing.  Teaching.  Investing.

All masked in the paint of sand and sprinkler pads and drives to the zoo.  Quiet mornings with coffee and creamer, snuggled on the couch with cuddly PJ boys and PBS.

Opportunity awaits.  Summer awaits…

{I have also linked up with Faith Filled Fridays over at Beholding Glory.  First time!  How fun!} 

8 thoughts on “A Canvas Called Summer

  1. i love this, becky! oh, i feel this same anticipation, and yet. . . needing that same brush of the Master Painter. really enjoyed the word picture you "painted" here. :-)thanks so much for sharing!steph

  2. I must say one of the things I enjoy doing at the beach is playing around with sand. Soon my son will be too old for it and I'll have to find another excuse why I do that. 🙂

  3. I love your perspective! Summer and Opportunity await! I really feel like this summer is going to be different. It goes by so fast ~ I don't want our summer to be repetition & boredom. Praying that we both allow God to make this summer what He wants it to be as we enjoy our kiddos for the little bit of time we have them at home!

  4. You voice how much I love summer! I used to work as the secretary at my kids' elementary school and we just loved our summers off together. Days spent soaking in Lake Michigan at Tunnel Park in Holland, MI; reading books, playing, and relaxing. Love it!

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