Day Twenty-Two: Love is Touchy-Feely

When Brent and I married, we read through the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

By far, one of the most helpful books for understanding how we relate to each other.

If you’ve never read the book the five love languages are:

1. Words of Affirmation
2. Acts of Service
3. Gift Giving
4. Physical Touch
5. Quality Time

Ten years ago, I would have said, hands down, that my strongest love language was “Quality Time.” To an annoying fault. I love being with my family. I love spending time with Brent. Be it a romantic date or a trip to Walmart, I want his time.

But over the years, my love languages have changed a bit. I do still need my QT but, I have grown more in my need of Physcical Touch. And I’m not talking the sexual kind {blush}. We are talking, rub my back, pet my hair, hold my hand physcial touch. Ahh, feelin’ the love.

Here’s my theory: As we have aged and had kids, our natural tendency to touch has decreased. I mean, who can hold hands in the parking lot at church when you are trying to protect your three-year-old from running in front of a car. The only physical touch I receive from Brent some days may be our hands brushing over one another as we hand off a child after bath. “Here’s one for PJ’s. Hand me another.”

This is my theory with elderly people, too. They are rarely touched. I try to be mindful of this when I am with my grandmother. Maybe I hold her hand while she’s talking or rub her back before I go. Sometimes I give her a longer hug than I would just anyone. (You can never hug your mamaw too long.) She needs touch…because she rarely gets it.

So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes, and immediately they recovered their sight and followed him. Matthew 20:34

Multitudes would gather. Thousands of people just wanting Jesus’ touch. The people would bring their sick to Him…just for one touch.

They believed his touch would heal them. And it did.

His touch expressed compassion. His touch expressed love. His touch brought life.

One touch of Jesus’ hand was power. These people needed the hand of God to make them whole.

Even today, one touch from Jesus can change a life. Forever.

Day Twenty-two: Love is Touchy-Feely

Today, make a point to extend your reach and touch someone. Hug a friend. Hold a hand. Rub some one’s shoulder. We aren’t talking awkward, we are just talking Jesus. Love on the people around you with a little physical touch.

It just might bring them life.

{What is your love language?}

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