Day Eight: Love Doesn’t Get Her Feelings Hurt {ahem}

Last night, my party of five hopped into Brent’s car. Destination –The Honda dealership. Brent was driving, the boys were piled in the backseats and I rolled passenger style. Yesterday our van took a field trip to the service department for some routine maintenance. It was time to get it. When we arrived, the plan was to switch the boys from Brent’s car back into the van with me. Simple enough.

Grant shouted from the backseat, “I want to ride with Dad once we get there.”

Ethan chimed in, “Yea. Me too. I don’t want to ride with mom. I want to ride with dad.”

Then they chanted simultaneously, “Daddy-time! Daddy-time!”

I looked to Brent, kind of wanting to cry, “I could really let me feelings be hurt if I wanted to.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am chopped liver these days. Mommy is no where nearly as exciting, awesome, cool, fun or popular as Daddy. They are not are fighting to ride with me.”

The boys have arrived. They are officially to the age of distancing themselves from me and attaching to Brent. I have read all about it. James Dobson warned me. Mother’s of older boys confirmed it.

But there was a piece of me that still hung to a little hope that they wouldn’t pull too far. Maybe 50/50.

But nope. Dobson was right.

“Hey guys.” Brent said to the backseat. “I know you all miss Daddy when I’m gone all day, but let’s not discourage mommy. It’s not that you don’t love mommy and want to be with her. You just need a little daddy time, right? Maybe we can honor her when we get home and give her a little rest while we play.”

{smile} Thanks, Brent.
I hopped into our newly serviced van, alone. “Lord, I am so thankful for Brent’s relationship with our boys! He is an amazing dad. I want them to attach to him. He will make them men. But I confess it is painful to release them. Even a little. They are my babies.”

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud . 1 Corinthians 13:4

Jesus mine as well been there in the flesh. Rolling passenger side with me. Whispering this common, wedding scripture to my soul.

Love is not jealous. Love is not jealous.

Die to the urge. Do not be envious of Brent’s sweet relationship with the boys.

They. Need. Him. To. Be. A. Cool. Involved. Hands on. Wrestling. Football-throwing. Dad.

I choose to celebrate God’s goodness to my boys in providing Brent. I choose to rejoice and be glad.

By golly.

Day Eight: Love Doesn’t Get Her Feelings Hurt

Do you relate to this? Maybe you do not struggle with jealousy in this way, but maybe towards a sibling? Or a friend? Are you jealous of your co-worker’s promotion? Or the recognition another child is getting over your own? Do you feel like “so and so” always gets a break? Love is not jealous. Today, choose to rejoice for others! Choose to rejoice in God’s plan for their life. Choose to see God’s goodness to them and be glad. Truly glad for their blessings.

2 thoughts on “Day Eight: Love Doesn’t Get Her Feelings Hurt {ahem}

  1. Brent sounds like an amazing dad & husband! I love that he made it a teachable moment for them! Somehow, I haven't experienced this with Cody yet, but I have with Elly. Is that strange? Oh, & I read your post yesterday at the perfect time…moments later (as I was still trying to catch up on blogs), Elly came in wanting to read her ELA paper to me. I didn't really think it was at the top of my list of things I cared to hear, and I honestly wanted to tune her out & pretend to listen. Instead, I actually listened & was reminded of what an amazing writer she is. And we had a good little conversation afterward. 🙂 Thank you for speaking (writing) a timely word!

  2. So familiar to me Becky. Having boys only I think that is definitely one area us moms have to grow and strengthen in. I am with you, Daddy is the high commodity & they LONG for him to get home from work, play in the floor with him, read to them, tuck them in. JUST SO THANKFUL WE HAVE WONDERFUL HUSBANDS WHO DELIGHT IN BEING THERE FOR THEIR BOYS!!

I means so much to hear from you!

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