Too Connected…We’re Disconnected?

Tuesday night Brent and I tucked the boys into bed and began settling into our evening routine. I popped our usual bowls of popcorn and turned the TV on for The Biggest Loser (whoop whoop!). Brent needed to download a few songs on ITunes, so his laptop was up and running. He sat with his computer open on his lap, head phones in his ears and the Ipod nearby ready to load. I needed to catch up on a few emails during commercials so I set my Netbook on the end table beside my spot on the couch. My cell phone chimed informing me of a new text message, so I grabbed my phone and began replying back to my friend.

We heard footsteps on the stairs. Then a little voice, “Man, there’s a lot of technology going on down here. So much light and electricity.”

Grant. Wasn’t he asleep?

I walked him back to bed, tucked him in once more then sat down at my place on the couch.

Just called out by my own son.

“Is this what my boys will remember of their parents? Mom and Dad on separate ends of the couch totally enthralled in technology?”

Is this the new “My Dad read the newspaper all the time” memory? Or the the “I don’t remember my mom and dad ever kissing” memory? I have those memories from childhood. Do you?

Gosh, I love Brent. Oh. My. Word. Yes. We have a great marriage. Really. Tuesday evening wasn’t a true representation of our relationship or our hearts for each other. Yet, try telling that to my eight-year-old who will only remember what he remembers. Amen?

That dern Internet. I have such a love/hate affair with it. Such a blessing yet such a distraction. It both sucks life and brings it.

What if Grant had walked downstairs to find his parents in the middle of the couch together, sharing a bowl of popcorn and talking. Or even seeing his mom and dad sharing a big blanket reading our own books quietly. Less noise. Less “light and electricity.” What if turning off all of the technology let Brent and me make a little electricity of our own. Oh yes, I just typed that. Isn’t it so TRUE?

Are we so connected that we are disconnected?

Disconnected from the Lord and each other?

Oh, how the Spirit has been talking about this. For sometime now. I find it funny God will finally grab my attention through an 8-year-old little boy.

Lately, I’ve been drawn to scripture about silence. To scriptures about drawing near. I am led to books about silence. And drawing near. I want to discipline myself in the art of quiet. And strengthen my ear’s Holy listening.

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

During this season of Advent, I have thought much on “quiet”. Can you imagine the 400 year period of God’s silence? Geez, that must have been excruciating. But hindsight we all know that this period was a good thing. We know now that the redemptive sound of a baby’s cry would soon break the silence. The gentle coos of our Savior, pleading us to come. To draw near.

Silence meant preparation. Silence increased the hunger of God’s people.

Silence draws us nearer to our God.

I will do anything it takes to draw nearer to Him. Less noise. Less light. Less electricity. Even if it means shutting down this blog for a season (gasp)…I will do it. (Although I’m not excited about the idea of that. I love this thing. Too much, I know.)

So. There you have it. The rantings of a tech-junky. Confessions of the “too connected”.

This Advent, let us pull away and unplug a bit. Silencing our lives – as if embracing the bundle of a new born babe. Let us draw near our hearts and stare and the face of the One who came to save us.

Let us all disconnect, so we can reconnect to the Light.

The Light of the World.

3 thoughts on “Too Connected…We’re Disconnected?

  1. Becky I have been thinking about this very thing- one of our advent devotions this week was about Zechariah in the temple when Gabriel told him Elizabeth would give birth to John. He doubted, and God struck him mute until John was born. 9 months of silence, but this was during the preparation for Jesus, his own personal advent. I can't even imagine being silent for one day, but it reminded me that I need to find time during advent for silence. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Quiet & stopping with all the busyness have come up a lot for me lately. It's especially hard during this season, but I'm trying to have more quiet moments. I can't even imagine the 400 years of silence from God.

  3. Always a struggle, remembering to stop and that peace is GOOD. Thank you for your beautiful words and,even as I sit here in the evening on my computer, reminding me to put it away soon and enjoy the quiet moments!

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